Kasautii Zindagii kay : Prerna gets overjoyed knowing Anurag can get his memory

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kasautii Zindagii kay 10th January 2020 Upcoming Story on Serialgossip.in

Episode starts with Anurag faints and everybody gets stressed. They rush him to the hospital, while shooting on structer Anurag retains Prerna hand. Prerna and others waits outside the ICU.

Komolika says aunty, Viraj is attempting to be one in on your loved ones and I hope you know what I meant to say. Veena observes Viraj looking everything in confused manner. Veena asks Prerna to come and speak with Viraj because he might feel off viewing your nervousness for Anurag. Prerna says not today, maybe later.

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Veena notices Viraj is going and she gets tensed and believes to converse with him. Viraj comeback with water bottle and asks Veena if she needed water. She says no and says perhaps you felt weird seeing Prerna but trust us it is not what we’re seeing.

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Viraj states no need of explanation aunty, I felt strange intially than I recalled 2tgings every relationship start must be with hope and second one they’re buddies and Anurag is the person who suggests this marriage and I understand Prerna is excellent person and you worries for her safety. Veena says thanks for understanding.
Veena asks where’s Priyu.

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Moloy says she went to temple. Komolika goes towards Prerna who’s praying and states expect your pooja and etc are over and today Basu family will feel you are the reason for Anurag state since it occurred on account of your presence close to him and you lost Basu family and thus don’t loose your loved ones and Viraj.

Prerna says I do not get scared and that I will be with Anurag. Komolika states whom will Anurag recall as spouse Komolika or Sonalika.

Nurse says Anurag got aware, he’s requesting you Prerna. Nivedita says if he got concious than let us meet him. Moloy says Anurag requested Prerna so lets her meet him.

Anurag asks Prerna to hold his hands. She holds him. Anurag asks why did not you tell me about our bond. Prerna asks you recall and attempts to call doctor.

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Anurag says physician will come but answer me, I must know about our familiarity with Anupam and why did not you tell me. When Prerna about to say Nivedita enters room and says Veena is unconscious. Anurag attempts to wakeup but Nivedita makes him sleep.
Prerna comes out and notices Veena is fine.

Doctor says there’s a fantastic news, Anurag will soon get his memory back. Prerna and others feels happy.

Komolika gets tensed.
At night Veena says your behavior at hospital can raise many questions in others heart but Viraj is great and he knows you so please forget Anurag to your improvement, he will not get his memory. Prerna says he’ll remember everything very soon.

Next day Prerna asks servant to take prasad inside. Komolika asks what is this drama. Prerna says not play and I went to temple for thanking MAA and Anurag will remember me as his love.

Komolika attempts to slap but Prerna stops her and says we made for eachother and noone can come between us. Prerna says Tilak rasam make him realise I am the girl who is going far out of him and I think you are going in right manner. Komolika thinks let us see what I can perform.
Prerna gives Prasad into Anurag stating she went to temple . Anurag says none is happy knowing I will get memory except you. Prerna states all are happy. Anurag says I eliminated about us, we’re dancing together in comfortable manner and we both are very happy and it is more than friendship.

Nivedita hears his words and says did you recall the photo. Anurag says not that pic. Prerna and Nivedita gets amazed.