Kasautii Zindagii Kay 3rd March : Eight Years Leap

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 3rd March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

The Episode Begins with Prerna and Mr. Bajaj coming into the orphanage. The guy says the cylinder had burst into the kitchen, the fire spread, all of the kids have died, even the newborn baby. Mr. Bajaj reveals Komolika’s pic and inquires did she come here. The guy says she got a baby, even that infant died. Prerna is shocked and asks how do Anurag get stone-hearted, I loved him, he killed my daughter. Mr. Bajaj consoles her.

She yells a lot. She say he snatched my everything, he broke my trust. She yells my daughter… He says stop, there’s only fire and ashes inside. He hugs her. She cries. He states come to senses. She says please allow me to die. He states dying is easy, courage is needed to live, the Prerna I know does not drop courage, none can understand your pain, none can take that baby’s location, but Kuki needs your love, occasionally two imperfect people finish each other, concentrate your life. Prerna asks for whom shall I live, I wish to die, I’m not able to live here. He says you need to live for Kuki’s sake, you deserve a better life, come with me to London, Kuki needs you.

After 8 years, Debu proceeds to call Anurag. He states Baudhi is asking what will you wear in award function. Anurag says its a company function. He checks clothes. Prerna also checks some clothing. Anurag says I need to wear this to your madam. The servant says Sir has sent this to you. Prerna says I can not refuse to it. Anurag and Prerna get prepared. Anurag smiles seeing some guy playing a mouth organ. Prerna smiles seeing Kuki playing the piano.

Kuki compliments Prerna. The man commend Anurag and calls him Mamu. He says she’s waiting for you. Anurag says come in time, we’ll meet in the function. Anurag comes to the award event. Mohini and Moloy grin seeing him. Mohini says Anurag should win this award. The guy praises Anurag for working hard and judgment the marketplace. Prerna receives an award. Mr. Bajaj says congrats. Anurag goes and receives he award. Prerna also receives an award. Anurag says this award does not go to me, but someone else who always inspired me. Prerna says I’ve attained this because of one individual. Anurag says one who trusted me. Prerna says my husband, Mr. Rishabh Bajaj. Anurag says she’s none apart from my spouse, Mrs. Komolika Basu. Komolika comes there. Kuki says congrats, this is indeed remarkable. Mr. Bajaj hugs Prerna and says congrats, we will go home.

Anurag is on the way and sees that the award. Prerna sees her award and is on the way. She thinks I’ve waited for this day since 8 decades, he could have forgotten me, but I did not overlook it, whatever I m, its because of you, even stronger woman.

The lady says you’re so blessed Komolika, your spouse gave you all of the credit. Komolika says I m blessed as Anurag is my husband. She belongs to Anurag. She thanks him for giving her a huge honour. He says its okay, chill, why this play, keep your joy to yourself, nobody is watching us, you know it was a drama to show everybody, an perfect couple, perfect game, just me and you, mum and dad were so happy, I believe I must get best actor of the year, did you see, nobody doubted, should I tell the truth then…. Komolika says you won’t do this. Anurag says try me. She stops him. He says , if I tell the truth, the award goes to me, I don’t have any passion aside from business, I got married to demonstrate the society and family, my spouse is not close to my heart, I have a connection for 8 years, I did not even touch you. A woman comes and says congrats, why did not you come on the stage, you’re behind his success. Anurag says you’re funny, there’s a woman behind every successful man. He goes.

Komolika goes after him. She says you can not insult me like that. He says you’re so adorable, tell me some other way to get insulted. She says we’ll talk afterwards. He says fine, fine, till then we’ll wear our masks and grin. He welcomes a few guests. He asks Komolika to grin and act well. Anurag and Komolika dance.

Mr. Bajaj and Prerna thank the guests for coming. He says I’m not avoiding you, we’ll talk. She asks when. The woman asks them to come on the dance floor. Mr. Bajaj holds her hands. They dance. Bekhayali……plays…. .

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