Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story 15th September 2020 : Komolika takes the papers back from Nivedhita

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The episode starts with Samidha calling Prerna for ice cream. They both leave and Priyanka’s sister recalls Prerna’s words. Priyanka asks her why did she lie and scolds her. Kukki’s car gets repaired and she checks it. Kaushik comes there and offers to help Kukki. They both bickers and he asks Kukki to sit in the car. Kukki tries but the car doesn’t start. Prerna and Samidha comes to ice cream vendor and asks for ice cream of same flavor. Shopkeeper says that they look like mother and daughter and Samidha asks if it’s true.

Prerna says she looks more beautiful than her. Kaushik says Kukki that he has called mechanic and he will reach in l 45 minutes. Kukki gets irked that she needs to wait and Kaushik offers to shop nearby to ward away time. Kukki gets in Kaushik’s bike. Priyanka watches Samidha and Prerna playing with each other and wonders what’s her sister hiding. Prerna asks her if they resemble each other and Priyanka looks on. Prerna asks her to forget it.

Komolika comes from the back of Nivedhita scaring her. She asks about the papers and Nivedhita says that she has hided it as if its in her room Anurag may see it. Komolika asks what if she herself gives it to Anurag or sell it for money to Prerna shocking Nivedhita. Anurag calls his friend to call him if he wants to sell any papers anymore. Anurag thinks that Nivedhita lied to him for Komolika. He thinks that he shouldn’t trust anyone as its been 8 years since he’s seeing them.

Nivedhita asks how could she think so but Komolika recalls her siding against her in the past. She behaves rudely with Nivedhita and gets papers from her. Anurag decides to find the papers at any cost. Kaushik brings Kukki to roadside shops and everyone there behave good with Kaushik. Kukki asks if he’s regular there and he says he always have tea from there while leaving to office. He asks her to try once and she’ll forget all those big star hotel teas.

Kukki says she can’t believe that a member of Basu’s is having roadside tea. He says Anurag pays him 50000 for working in the office and with it he had to manage all the expenses. He says they need to be humble and says he can understand she wants to hang out with rich and classy people. Kukki says he likes those whose heart is good and she really likes him. She forwards her hand for friendship and he takes it. Bajaj spots them together and he tries catching them but they disappear.

Prerna says her mother that she did something today. She says she can tell that whatever she did was from her heart. Prerna reveals that she gave 51% stake for Basus and Bajaj doesn’t know about it. Veena asks if she’s relieved after doing it and she says she’s happy for Samidha but worried about Mr. Bajaj. Veena says it’s wrong as there shouldn’t be any secrets between husband and wife and Prerna agrees. She calls Mr. Bajaj but he doesn’t pick up. Komolika gifts watch to Kaushik in her happiness and finds that he’s in love. He reveals that it’s Kukki and Komolika gets happy. Anurag keeps everyone busy in order to search the papers.

Precap : Anurag finds the papers and Komolika gets shocked when Chandrika reveals that Sneha is still alive.

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