Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story 4th September 2020 : Anurag and Prerna stuck in cold storage

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The episode starts with Prerna saying Anurag that she would’ve fell for his words if she was the old Prerna but now she knows his real colors. She says that she don’t want anything to do with him and is about to leave but finds the door jammed. She blames Anurag for it’s and Anurag tries opening it but to his hard luck the door knob gets broken.

Prerna shouts at him for troubling her. Kukki is lost in Kaushik’s talks when Anushka comes there. They both have some chit chat when Anushka spots Kaushik. She says Kukki that she’s very lucky to have someone so handsome like like Kaushik. Kukki gets irritated with her drooling over Kaushik. Anushka greets Kaushik and says that they were talking about him. She praises him for his look. Kukki leaves irked while Kaushik follows her. Anushka is sure that Kaushik is interested in Kukki.

Ronit comes yo Mehendi section and searches for his phone. He asks Shivani if he saw his phone but she denies. They all start searching. Ronit recalls Kaushik trying to sneak away with his mobile and is sure that he would’ve took it. Kaushik asks Kukki why’s she upset on him. Kukki says she’s not but Kaushik is not convinced. He keeps pestering her to say what mistake he did but Kukki tries avoiding him. Prerna and Anurag fight in the cold storage room and Anurag recalls their past memory.

Prerna blames Anurag for all the chaos in her life. Kaushik is still trying to persuade Kukki when Ronit comes there. Kukki escapes from there taking the opportunity. Ronit asks Kaushik to give back his mobile but Kaushik says he did not have it. Ronit says that he knows he’s having it and asks him to give it back to him but Kaushik keeps denying. Prerna recalls Anurag where he mocked her when she got emotional in bathroom and says she wouldn’t do the same again. Moloy gives the phone to his investigating officer friend and asks him to find any clue from it. His friend says that he has already asked him to keep a watch on his son and he feels Ronit is connected in Prerna’s misery.

Ronit is holding Kaushik arms from back and threatening him to give back his phone to him. Kaushik kept asking him to let go off his hand but he doesn’t listen. Kaushik releases his arm himself and holds Ronit by neck. Shivani comes there and they both act normal. Shivani gets relieved and Kaushik leaves leaving the two alone. Prerna mocks Anurag about what will happen when Komolika gets to know that they are stuck inside a room once again. Anurag gets closer to Prerna.

Precap : Komolika slaps Ronit when he says that he lost his phone. Komolika’s fears for Shivani knowing about the details in the phone. She gets shocked when she finds Veena near the door. Anurag asks for Prerna’s hand to keep her warm but she denies taking his help. Prerna falls unconscious and Anurag panics.

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