Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story: Prerna to trap Komolika and Anurag

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Last we reported, Ekta Kapoor is all set to bring back one of her most famous daily Kasauti Zindagi Kay by following all the guidelines released by the Maharastra Government at first hand. TV queen has also assured show female lead Erica Fernandes not to worry about safety; after the diva confessed clearly that she fears the current situation and is not willing to restart the work.

In the show so far:

Story took the leap after Anurag to protect Prerna from Komolika pushed her from the bridge. His act for pretend killing Prerna was revealed later in the show. But till than Prerna turned on her revenge mode against Anurag. Here, Komolika revealed how she took the life of ANUPRE’S daughter Sneha and Anurag turned the father of her daughter. She was happy thinking Sneha is no more. But Sneha was shown meeting Prerna unexpectedly. Her presence was felt by Anurag too. And soon after this episode Kasauti Zindagi Kay was on hold due to the sudden invasion of Covid-19. 

Now with no child actors are allowed on the sets, it is expected that shows story will focus on Prerna avenging Komolika and Anurag.

Prerna already made Anurag to lose the bid of his dream land. Anurag who loves Prerna stays quiet after Komolika questioned him how he lost. Komolika further learned about Prerna’s move. And it will be interesting to watch how Prerna will take her avenge from Komolika and Anurag. For all the answers wait for Kasauti Zindagi Kay new episodes.

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