Kashibai Bajirao Ballal Upcoming Story: Baji to take up a challenge ?


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Zee TV show Kashibai Bajirao Ballal will witness a high voltage drama. Balaji will take his last breath and Baji will blame Kashi for that as she didnt tell him anything despite being aware. It will be exciting to watch how Kashi will deal with it.

Previously it was shown that
Baji saved Kashi from Faruksiyar and there Balaji fought. They won the war and Balaji fell sick and he told Kashi not to talk about his health issues to anyone. She kept it a secret but unfortunately Balaji passed away after returning Yashubai back to King Shahu. Baji and Radha learned Kashi hid a Big thing from them. They questioned her. Baji misunderstood Kashi and later he performed the last rite rituals being disheartened.

In future episodes it will be see Radha will wear widow’s clothes and will curse Kashi saying the latter will go through immense pain like her. Later Baji will mistreat Kashi and people will question Baji’s potential and he will challenge them saying he will prove his worth that he deserves the post of Peshwa. Kashi will give him the idea being his secret friend. Baji will regret for marrying her and she will feel upset. Later Baji will win the challenge and will become next Peshwa.

Will Baji forgive Kashi?

Will Kashi convince Baji?

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