Katha Ankahee 27th December 2022 Written Update: Katha’s revelation makes Aarav happy


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The episode starts with Katha is on her way to hospital. She feels suffocated so she opens the cab window and takes a deep breath. She also recalls her night with Viaan and cries silently clutching her bag. She then instructs the driver to drive fast. Viaan is in his car. He also recalls everything that happened. He then thinks himself that he went to an extend to prove her right. He thought she will neither meet him nor she will return back but she proved him wrong and hits his hand in the car. Dr.Amit sees Katha and questions her. Katha tells him that she arranged the money like the promise she made him to. She also learnt this money is equally important as Aarav’s life. She then shows Dr.Amit the bag full of cash. Dr.Amit tells her that he will call the New York doctor’s to India. He then asks her about the cash.

Katha remains silent so Dr.Amit asks her to pay the fees. She has done her part now it’s his time to do his part. Katha asks him that Aarav will definitely cure right. Dr.Amit assures her which makes Katha happy. Katha goes to the cash counter to make the payment. The worker tells her 83thousand is extra in this bag. He returns her the extra money also the bills. Katha sits near the seat and takes a deep breath. She then goes to where Aarav is. She talks about the night is being dark but her son sure is providing a light being a star. She then says to herself that she may get defeated today but her son won that’s what she wanted. Other side Viaan have drinks. He says to himself that he was blindly trusting Katha and gave her too much of an opportunity to prove his thoughts about her is right which didn’t happen. Also this particular night is engulfing him in it’s darkness and he don’t know of there is any way out. Katha in the hospital tells that this particular night is going to haunt her forever but her son will be there for her and leaves the place.

The next day a patient wakes up Katha who is sleeping on the seats outside the hospital room. Katha wakes up then leaves the place. Raeva asks Aarav to have food but the latter refuses to have it. Raeva advices saying spinach is good for his health and tries to feed him again but Aarav refuses and says he wants Katha back who is his power bank. Just then Katha enters the room. Aarav gets happy and hugs her. Raeva signs at Katha and the latter gives her an assuring nod which makes Raeva happy. Katha and Raeva teases Aarav when Katha questions him is he is about to have breakfast without her. Aarav asks her to believe him saying he isn’t. Katha then tells both Aarav and Raeva that Aarav’s magic treatment is going to start now. Both of them gets happy. Aarav says victory. Katha smiles at him. Ehsan goes to Viaan’s room and complains that he can’t able to guess his mood.

Viaan tells him that he isn’t interested to do anything at all. He further says that they can have a conversation. Ehsan sits near him. He then reminds him that he told him that they can have conversation. He also says his silence is too scary. Aarav tells Ehsan that he used to ask him to change his views about women in general and one thing he doesn’t know is it’s not easy to live a life carrying this much bitterness. He wanted to change his views about women but everytime he tried he was proven wrong. Ehsan tells Viaan that he is confused now and asks him what happened to his date night the day before he went. Is that women told something. Viaan tells him it’s not a date but a business deal. Ehsan gets shocked and asks Viaan what is he saying. Viaan looks on.

Katha and Raeva is in the cafeteria. Raeva expresses her happiness to Katha and tells her that she won’t ask her how did she managed to arrange such huge amount at the same time she is worried about her so asks Katha is she fine? Is she is facing any problems and hiding it from her? Katha tells Raeva to not to worry about her nor talk about the night as it’s over. She further tells that Aarav’s treatment is going to start from today also Raeva and Falguniben is with her and looks above and says Adi is with her too. She knows they all will be by her side. Raeva smiles at her and tells her that she will be there for her and she can share with her anything. Katha says she wants to share something to her and talks about Aarav’s recovery. She also tells that she and Aarav used to celebrate their birthday separately but hereafter she’ll make sure to celebrate this day as their new chapter is beginning.

Other side Viaan tells Ehsan the first day is more than enough to understand her though. Ehsan asks him is that means is he knows her before. Viaan says no and tells him that he had an illusion he knows her. He further adds that when he met her first he thought she is also like another women but she earned his trust then put forth a condition infront of him. He tested her by calling her to the hotel thinking she won’t come and prove him right but she arrived and spent a night with him and took money then left the place not even looking back once. He the tells Ehsan that he tried so hard but she also proved him wrong by choosing money over everything just like other women and looks on with anger filled eyes.

Precap: Viaan asks Katha to arrange a meeting with the workers who all are being part of the Dubai project. Katha gets angry for the way Viaan is treating her and expresses it to Falguniben. Falguniben asks Katha is she hiding something? Katha looks on nervously. Viaan taunts Katha and the latter takes a seat opposite to him in this office and reminds him about her deal to never talk about it. Viaan asks her is she going to remember that one condition of her’s alone. Katha takes a paper and pen from the table. She writes something and then signs it and tells Viaan she remembers all the conditions and gives him the paper. She also tells him that he asked him one crore two lakhs and seventeen thousand not one crore three lakhs and returns him the remaining eighty three thousand. Viaan looks on shocked.

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