Katha Ankahee 31st March 2023 Written Update: Shamita’s truth gets exposed


Katha Ankahee 31st March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Katha tells that they all must be thinking why she didn’t informed them about the video recording it’s because she got the recording five minutes ago. She herself hadn’t seen the recording so they all together can watch the recording which is unbiased. Viaan gets nervous. Katha plays the video. The video starts with Viaan reciting his poem to Keith. Katha and everyone gets hearing the poem. Katha looks at Viaan but the latter looks away. Everyone watches the video intently. Teji looks at Viaan who signs at her. Farah notices that Viaan is nervous so questions whether Shamita’s allegations are true? Teji gets more worried. Ehsan looks at Viaan surprisingly hearing his conversation with Keith.

Katha pauses the video and informs the team this is where they will learn the actual truth then resumes. They all gets shocked learning Shamita’s conversation with Viaan and the latter talked to her kindly and nowhere Viaan tried to misbehave with Shamita. Katha glares at Shamita. Shamita refuses to meet anyone’s eyes and grows anxious. In that recording Viaan goes to bring water for Shamita and the latter uses the opportunity to send the message from Viaan’s phone to her. Viaan gets stunned watching it and so everyone. Once the video ends Katha mocks at Shamita. Viaan goes aside and cries silently. Teji, Farah and Ehsan gets happy. Ehsan hugs Viaan. Viaan hugs him back then nods his head at Katha. Ehsan mocks at Shamita.

Katha questions Shamita why did she have done such thing. The FB shows, Shamita meeting Anirudh for job. Anirudh tells her that everyone knows for what reason she got fired from Earthcon but she is telling him a lie she is the one who left the job. He further probe her whether her flirting towards Viaan lead him to fire her. Shamita lies nothing such happened also expresses her hatred for him. She also learns no one will hire her so she pleads Anirudh for a job. Anirudh instigates Shamita against Viaan. He also manipulates her to rejoin Earthcon only to take her revenge.

Shamita worries about Viaan reaction but Anirudh assures her nothing such won’t happen because he has noticed Viaan’s change in behavior. Shamita agrees to defame Viaan. The FB ends. Katha asks Shamita why she isn’t answering her questions? She then tells the board members about the reason Shamita get fired is because she tried to misbehave with Viaan so she must have rejoined to take her revenge on Viaan. The internal committee members expresses their disappointment towards Shamita saying because of people like her the victims are getting judged.

Ehsan suggests to file a defamation case against Shamita which Teji, Farah approves. Viaan tried to speak but Ehsan asks him not to interfere. He further reminds him about the sufferings he and the company has gone through. Katha suggests to punish Shamita as per the company policy. Viaan requests everyone to listen to him and says out of anger the decision they takes will lead give an negative impact on the other person so he don’t want to do anything against Shamita which surprises Shamita and everyone. He then asks Shamita to move on forgetting everything in return he will give her the letter of recommendation to join a new company. Shamita obliges then leaves the place getting emotional. Teji looks proud. Viaan requests the team to never gossip about this incident which will ruin someone’s life. Everyone looks at Viaan proudly.

Precap: Viaan tells Katha that he wants to tell her something. Someone takes their picture. Meanwhile Yuvraj tells Reet the truth about his affair. Reet gets shocked. Katha gets shocked seeing Reet’s condition. In the hospital Viaan tells Katha that he heard her conversation with the driver so arrives. Katha congratulates Yuvraj for becoming a father to a boy. Viaan congratulates Kailash. Katha tells the family about her dinner with Viaan. Kailash gets upset. He then asks Viaan to leave. Viaan gets upset then leaves the hospital.

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