Katha Ankahee 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Viaan and Aarav become friends

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The episode starts with Aarav asks Katha why they should go to Ehsan’s house and expresses his dislikes for him. Nirija taunts him saying now she understands the reason behind going to Karate classes. Katha glares at her. She then advices Aarav to talk respectfully with the elders and tells him his favourite food was already made. Aarav agrees to go with her to Ehsan’s house. Katha goes inside. Nirija mocks at Aarav for agreeing to go with Ehsan’s house for his favorite foods. Aarav defends himself saying he agreed because he can’t let Katha go alone to spend time with Ehsan. As a man of the house he has to protect her. Other side Kailash tells Kavita that they have to open Adi’s room.

Kavita smiles and says that she does it every week and cleans it also the room looks the way it used to be. Reet hears it and gets upset. Kavita and Kailash discusses about new room which they have to make. Reet’s daughter’s asks them are they planning for this for new baby? Kailash says its for Katha and Aarav. He wants them to stay with them if it’s not always then whenever they visits them. The kids gets happy hearing it. Reet looks at Yuvraj who is too busy in his phone. She becomes restless and starts having breathing problem when Kailash suggests Kavita to speak with Katha about their decision. All gets worried seeing Reet’s state. Kavita scolds Yuvraj for not taking proper care of Reet. Yuvraj defends himself saying Reet is unnecessarily stressing herself. Reet signs at him not to speak further. Kailash calls the doctor to treat Reet.

Aarav is busy practicing his Karate moves. He recalls Ehsan’s conversation with him during his visit and gets furious so he moves fast. He misses his balance and about hit the ground Viaan arrives there and saves him. Viaan questions Aarav for the reason behind him looking angry. Aarav calls Viaan as Robin and tells he is just checking whether Robin is doing his work properly or not which brings a smile on Viaan’s face. He then tells Viaan about his dislikes for his mother’s boss who is often visiting their house and asking a lot of questions about his mother unnecessarily. Viaan asks him whether his mother likes her boss. Aarav says she hates her boss but out of respect she is accepting his act. Viaan asks Aarav about his father’s reaction. Aarav tells him he don’t have father. Viaan gets shocked. He then tells Aarav even he don’t have father.

Aarav says same pinch which makes Viaan smile at the formers innocence. Viaan then talks about controlling their anger also tests the person is more understanding one or patient one. He then says Aarav that he is a most understanding kid which makes the latter happy. He further suggests Aarav to test his mother’s boss with this two factor’s. Aarav likes the idea so thanks Viaan. Viaan decides to leave but Aarav asks his name. Viaan suggests to address one another as Batman and Robin. Aarav agrees then asks for Viaan’s number. Viaan gives it to Aarav then leaves the place.

In the office Ehsan informs everyone about Jitu bhai’s twenty fifth anniversary. He and Katha asks him what kind of surprise he planned for his wife. Ehsan asks Jitu bhai to take leave. Jitu bhai tells them that he spends more time in office also he isn’t good at giving surprises. Viaan arrives there and hears the conversation then goes to his room. He calls Jitu bhai to his room. He then calls an event planner and tells her he needs to plan an event. Jitu bhai gets surprised learning Viaan is planning to help him with his anniversary. He hesitates about the expenses which he can’t afford but Viaan assures him and says Jitu bhai that he has done so much for the company so the company will take care of it’s expenses which makes Jitu bhai emotional. He then goes to Katha and tells her about Viaan’s two different sides and praises him then leaves the place.

Katha says to herself that she knows the side of Viaan Raghuvanshi which no one knows and stares ahead. Later Katha and Aarav goes to Ehsan’s house. Both Ehsan and Farah greets them. Ehsan tries to have a conversation with Aarav but the latter ignores him. Farah takes Ehsan aside and asks him his feelings for Katha. Ehsan lies he don’t have any feelings. Farah approves Ehsan and Katha’s relationship if they wants to be more than friends and praises Katha. Ehsan smiles. Aarav sends Viaan a message asking his suggestion to trouble Ehsan through a message. Viaan smiles reading the message then replies him back. Aarav gets happy reading Viaan’s tips to trouble his mother’s boss.

Precap: Katha says to Nirija that she isn’t going to the office party as she don’t have a traditional wear. Aarav broke his piggy bank and says he is also stubborn just like his mother. He then calls Viaan and tells him he wants a traditional wear for his mother. Viaan advices him to rent a dress. Later Katha questions Aarav how did he managed all this alone and who helped him in his plan. Aarav looks on helplessly.

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