Katha Ankahee 9th February 2023 Written Update: Ehsan provokes Katha against Viaan


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The episode starts with Viaan wakes up the next day and drinks a glass of water. He then recalls Ehsan and Katha’s dance also his dance performance then Ehsan making him drink drinks. Dev asks Viaan that do he want Black coffee. Viaan says yes then inquires him who dropped him home night. Dev informs him that Ehsan dropped him also says there is a women with them too. Viaan realises it’s Katha then goes inside his room. Other side Katha recalls what happened. Nirija arrives and asks her about how was the party. Katha says it was okay. Nirija asks her what happened in the party that makes her act this way. She also asks whether Ehsan made her upset. Katha tells Nirija that Ehsan is a good friend for her. Nirija asks her then is Viaan is the one who bothering her and says she is too good at prying such informations. Katha asks her to find out why Aarav isn’t returned from home yet. Nirija gets a call from someone and gets nervous. Katha fails to notice it and leaves for office.

Aarav gets praises from his master. Two kids gets annoyed seeing it. One of the kid decides to teach a lesson to Aarav for getting limelight. Aarav gets upset not able to meet Robin. In the office Viaan sees Katha in her cabin. He hesitates to go inside. Katha notices it but focuses on her work. Viaan goes to her cabin. He then inquires whether she reached home safely. Katha says yes and tells Ehsan dropped her safely in her house. Viaan apologises to Katha for getting drunk. He also asks her is he made her uncomfortable with saying anything. Katha says nothing. Ehsan sees Viaan is in Katha’s room so he deliberately goes inside and interrupts their conversation. He makes a joke about Viaan’s drunken state then enquires Katha how is she. Katha says yes then focuses on her work. Viaan asks Ehsan to meet him in the cabin then leaves. Ehsan sighs at Katha then goes behind Viaan.

Ehsan asks Viaan the reason behind him calling him to the cabin. Viaan says to Ehsan that he is sure that he didn’t had a single drop of alcohol with his knowledge during the party and all he had is the juice which Ehsan forced him to have it and asks him to tell the truth. Ehsan acts and says to Viaan that he was concerned so made him have juice but not even once thought Viaan will suspect him. He further adds a true drunken men act how Viaan acts now. Viaan gets angry and asks him about the joke Ehsan made about his drinking habits also reminds him it’s him who always saved him and taken care of him when he drinks the most. Ehsan tries to guilt trip Viaan saying that the latter is unnecessarily questioning him. He then decides to leave but stops when Viaan tells him that Katha isn’t someone who is into casual relationship. He also says that Katha has gone through so much so she deserved the world. He asks Ehsan to not to make a mistake thinking Katha can be into a casual relationship. Ehsan mocks at him then asks him to help him get Katha because he truly loves her then leaves. Viaan watches Katha from his cabin and says himself that Ehsan didn’t changed a bit since his childhood at all.

Ehsan and Katha have lunch together. Katha refuses to have meat. Teji calls Katha and tells her she will send few more photos of Viaan and Ehsan when they started the business earlier. Katha says okay. Ehsan and Katha talks about how their loved one’s memories they will carry forever once they left them. Ehsan then says to Katha that he is worried about Viaan and tries to probe Katha about what happened in the Dubai saying because of which Viaan is disturbed. Katha gets furious and tells Ehsan nothing happened. She then tells Ehsan that she is capable of solving her own problems. Ehsan lighten up the situation by joking. He then asks Katha’s opinion about Yacht. Katha helps him by giving him her opinion. Ehsan asks the person on the other line to book the Yacht which Katha chose shocking the latter. He also says to Katha that she helped him choose and thanks her. Other side Aarav shows the dress he bought for Katha and calls her the prettiest women in the world. Katha arrives there and gives laddu made by atta to Reet saying this is good for health during pregnancy. Katha notices Kailash is silent when Kavita regrets for failed to be there for her during her pregnancy. Katha asks her not to saying Adi has taken good care of. She then requests to participate Kavita and Kailash in Aarav’s school grandparent’s day function. Kavita agrees. Reet gets upset hearing it.

Precap: Kailash apologises to Katha for the way he treated her also says he feared she will never talk to him. Later Katha says to Viaan that in his drunken state he told so much to her. Viaan gets shocked. Ehsan instructs someone on the call to make a romantic set up in a yacht. Viaan hears it and says himself for the last few years Ehsan doing so many things to impress women and now he bought Yacht to impress Katha which isn’t right and gets worried.

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