KumKum Bhagya 11th September 2023 Written Update: Mihika is admitted to the hospital

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The episode starts with Akshay sarcastically praising Ranbir and announces his decision to his family members saying Ranbir and Mihika’s marriage isn’t going to happen. Mihika stops Akshay and asks Akshay who is he to stop Ranbir and her marriage. Akshay reminds Mihika that he is her brother. Ashok and Visakha try to stop Akshay. Akshay says to Visakha that he will not allow Ranbir to marry Mihika. Pallavi accuses Prachi and asks Prachi why can’t she allow them to be happy? Mihika says to Pallavi that the problem isn’t Prachi but it is Akshay. Manpreet asks Akshay to stop it. Pallavi asks Manpreet why are they insulting them inviting them to their house like this. Prachi apologises to Pallavi for Akshay’s behaviour. Pallavi blames Prachi and questions Prachi why can’t she allow them to be happy? Akshay stops Pallavi and asks them to leave. Mihika comments on Akshay and says to Akshay that he is insecure about Ranbir and Prachi. Ranbir agrees and says nobody can stop him if he wants to take Prachi away from here. Akshay stops Ranbir and asks him to get out. Ranbir says he will leave.

Ranbir packs his bags and apologises to the Tandon family as he is leaving the house in these circumstances and says there is a limit to everything. Ranbir says it is about his self-respect and he can’t stay in this house anymore.

Mihika pleads with Ranbir not to leave the house and asks Ranbir not to punish her for Akshay’s behaviour. Mihika asks Ranbir to stay here. Manpreet also pleads with Ranbir to stay here. Ranbir says he can’t stay here as Akshay accused him of many things. Ranbir says he will leave.

Ranbir is about to leave from there. Mihika comes to Ranbir and begs Ranbir not to leave her. Ranbir asks Mihika to stop making stories in her mind and reminds Mihika that they don’t love each other. Akshay separates Mihika from Ranbir and asks Ranbir to leave from here. Ranbir blames Akshay for this situation. Ranbir leaves from there in the vehicle with his mother and Daljeet.

Mihika comes into the house and threatens to slit her wrist with a knife. Mihika asks her family members to call Ranbir. Manpreet is about to call Ranbir but Akshay stops Manpreet. Akshay says to Manpreet that Mihika is just acting. Mihika slits her wrist and loses consciousness. All the family members worry about Mihika.

Tandon’s family brings Mihika to the hospital and asks the nurse to treat Mihika as she tried to commit suicide. The nurse says they need FIR for it. The nurse first admits Mihika into the ICU at the Tandon family’s insistence.

Akshay and Abhay come to the police station to file a complaint about Mihika’s suicide. Akshay later says to the inspector that Mihika was forced to commit suicide as she was mentally tortured by Ranbir.

Dr. Viren takes Mihika into the ICU. Manpreet worries about Mihika. Prachi tries to comfort Manpreet. Visakha worries about Mihika. Ashok comforts Visakha. Manpreet leaves from there. Visakha loses consciousness and Prachi stays with Visakha.

Abhay says to Akshay that what he did was wrong saying to the inspector that Mihika committed suicide because of Ranbir and reminds Akshay that Mihika’s mind isn’t right. Akshay says to Abhay that if he speaks ill of Mihika then he will beat the crap out of him and says to Abhay that he didn’t do anything wrong.

Episode ends.

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