Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2023 Written Update: Prachi comes to Ranbir’s aid


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The episode starts with Ranbir saying to Prachi that Balbir had slapped Khushi hard on her face and her hand has bruises. Prachi feels emotional. He says it might be normal for you, but not for me, I will fight for Khushi. Ranbir says I went to talk to him but. Prachi says you may fight with him losing control.

Ranbir asks how can she judge him in that way. Prachi says Khushi is scared because of him. Ranbir says Balbir is an animal and I can’t let him slap Khushi. Prachi says he can deal with it better and now also Khushi is in danger.

Ranbir asks why she came. He asks if she came to prove he is the culprit. Prachi says no. Ranbir says no need to say as you didn’t want to ask how am I seeing my condition but started lecturing me. He asks her to leave. Prachi says he deserves to get arrested. Both argue. Constable stops them. Prachi gets angry and leaves from the meeting room.

Akshay calls Prachi. He decides to cut the call but Prachi attends the call. Akshay says sorry for disturbing her sleep. Prachi says she didn’t sleep. He hears the background sound and asks if she is in the police station.

Prachi agrees. Khushi calls Prachi. Prachi disconnects the call. Akshay thinks that Prachi is in a problem and decides to go to help her. Khushi asks Prachi why she didn’t bring Ranbir with her. She asks her to take her to Ranbir’s house to inform his family.

Prachi thinks it’s not good to call Pallavi. Prachi says she will try again. Khushi says try otherwise I will talk with them. Prachi asks if she loves him that much. Khushi says yes and he lives me too that’s why he lands in jail because of me so let’s save him.

Balbir asks Laali what happened. Laali says Khushi refused to lie. Balbir says he will teach her a lesson once he comes out. He asks Laali to leave. Laali assures him she will save hiring Lawyer. Balbir warns her to leave. Laali leaves. Balbir decides to teach a lesson to Laali and Khushi once he gets released from jail.

Prachi and Khushi wait for Inspector. Khushi asks what’s she thinking. Prachi says Ranbir is impulsive but I will make Balbir get the punishment he deserves.

Khushi says I may do good things that’s why god make me meet you and Shiv. She thanks her. Prachi gets tears. She says I’m like your mom so don’t thank me. Khushi asks if she loves her in this way always. Prachi says yes, I will love you always in this way. She hugs Khushi.

Inspector comes there. Prachi and Khushi go to Inspector. Prachi explains why Ranbir fought with Balbir. Khushi says Ranbir is innocent and Balbir started the fight and showed the knife. Prachi realises she misunderstood Ranbir.

Inspector asks Prachi if Ranbir’s wife can come here as a guarantor. Prachi says she doesn’t need to come, as his wife is here, and says I guarantee about Ranbir, as I am his wife Prachi Ranbir Kohli. Khushi hears and gets surprised. Inspector asks Prachi to sign. He asks why she didn’t tell him before.

Ranbir says to himself that it is good that she went, what does she think of herself, I don’t need her. Prachi says to Inspector that they had some big issue that’s why they stopped talking about their relationship.

Inspector asks what’s the issue. Prachi says it’s a personal reason and I can guarantee that Ranbir is a good person who fights for truth and he won’t lie so release him.

Episode ends.

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