Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2023 Written Update: Daljeet feels sick

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The episode starts with Prachi asking Ranbir to keep his distance from her. Ranbir asks Prachi why is she keeping him away as he already knows that he loves her. Ranbir reminds Prachi that she is the one who said to him that her and Akshay’s marriage wasn’t real when she was intoxicated. Ranbir questions Prachi why is she staying with a person like Akshay. Prachi says to Ranbir that a person who is intoxicated will say anything and says she is really married to Akshay and shows the Mangalsutra as proof. Prachi asks Ranbir to stay away from her and leaves from there. Ranbir decides to find out the reason behind why is Prachi staying with Akshay and thinks he needs to find out before his marriage with Mihika.

Akshay asks Ranbir why did he go to the kitchen. Ranbir stays silent. Akshay pulls him back and asks Ranbir. Ranbir lashes out at Akshay and says to Akshay that it will be good if they hide the truth from everyone. Ranbir leaves from there.

Everyone is shown to be selecting clothes for Mihika and Ranbir’s marriage. Manpreet selects a dress for Abhay. Abhay likes it and goes to try it. Visakha asks Prachi and Mihika to select dress for their male partners. Prachi and Mihika select a dress and show it to Visakha. Visakha shows both of the dresses to Ranbir and Akshay. Ranbir likes Prachi’s dress better than Mihika. Ranbir asks Mihika if this choice is hers. Prachi says yes. Ranbir praises Mihika’s choice and says he will go and try it. Akshay says he doesn’t like this dress and says he will go and look for something else. Mihika sees Ranbir with Prachi’s selected dress and feels upset.

Visakha says to Prachi and Mihika that they have to get ready as the Kohli family is going to bring Shagun today.

Vikram comes to Daljeet. Daljeet teases Vikram talking about his past when he was a kid. Pallavi comes and asks Daljeet why is resting on the bed? Daljeet says she has a slight fever. Pallavi and Vikram decide to take Shagun to Tandon family tomorrow as Daljeet isn’t feeling well today. Daljeet agrees.

Pallavi calls Visakha and says to Visakha about Daljeet not feeling well. Pallavi says they will come tomorrow with Shagun. Visakha and Manpreet agree with Pallavi’s decision.

Mihika looks with the dress Ranbir selected for Prachi in the mirror. Mihika recalls Ranbir’s words. Mihika starts applying make up. Divya comes and asks Mihika what is she doing? Mihika asks Divya if she is beautiful than Prachi? Divya asks Prachi why is she comparing herself with Prachi as she likes her. Mihika says to Divya that he doesn’t like her and says she only acts as if she loves her. Mihika says she only does that as Ranbir values Prachi so much. Divya hugs Mihika and calms her down. Mihika says to Divya that he will teach a lesson to Prachi soon.

Abhay sees Akshay getting ready and asks Akshay where is he going? Akshay says he is going on some important work and says if this work is completed then a big problem will be solved. Akshay asks Abhay to wish him luck. Akshay thinks to himself that he is going to teach a lesson to Ranbir soon.

In the night, Abhay asks Akshay not to drink too much as Prachi might find out about it. Akshay starts talking about Prachi with Abhay. Prachi thinks to herself that she loves Ranbir so much but she will never tell him that she loves him as Ranbir only made her suffer.

Ranbir thinks to himself that he had enough of punishing himself and thinks he deserves his happiness and he will do anything for it. Prachi also thinks the same. Prachi thinks her happiness is Khushi. Ranbir thinks his happiness is Khushi and Prachi. Akshay thinks his happiness is with Prachi and he will do anything for her. Abhay questions Akshay where did he go today? Akshay says tomorrow Prachi is going to love him and he will also find out where did Akshay go today.

The next day, Mihika comes and helps Prachi in decorating the house as it is Sri Krishna Janmashtami. Ranbir comes and wishes everyone a happy Janmashtami. Ranbir asks if he can help. Manpreet asks Ranbir to do the Rangoli. Ranbir agrees and helps in Rangoli. Mihika praises Ranbir as he knows everything and comments on Akshay. Ranbir also comments on Akshay and Prachi. Visakha thinks to herself that she knows Ranbir hasn’t forgotten about Prachi.

Episode ends.

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