Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2024 Written Update: Deepika scolds Monisha

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The episode starts with Ranbir saying to Purvi that I consider you as my daughter and it is my duty to take care of you and your mother. Purvi hugs him. Trishna feels happy seeing them. Ranbir takes car keys from Trishna and they leave for the Police station. Trishna’s mother tells Gajendra that she fears if their daughter’s marriage will happen or not. Gajendra asks her to think positively.

Harleen asks Harman to understand that they may land in trouble if they stay here. Harman and his parents ask her to not overreact. Harleen says she is scared that their reputation will be at stake because of this food poisoning.

RV comes to the Wedding venue. He asks his parents about Trishna. They say she went to Police station. RV feels relieved thinking no one kidnapped her. RV asks why the wedding is not happening. Dada asks if he doesn’t know what happened in the venue. Monisha explains to RV about the food poisoning.

On the way, Ranbir thinks the Police may catch him if they recognise him. He decides to take the risk for Purvi’s happiness. RV asks why they allowed Police to arrest Prachi. He asks why they stayed silent even after knowing Prachi’s goodness. Monisha asks if he is blaming them. Gajendra says they trust Prachi but arrest happened. RV asks what about Purvi. RV says Purvi’s dish landed everyone in trouble so she bore everyone’s wrath. RV says Purvi can’t do anything wrong. Dada asks RV what’s his next step. RV says he will prove Purvi and her mother’s innocence. He leaves from there. Monisha feels scared.

Ranbir, Trishna and Purvi come to the police station. Ranbir prays to God to support him. Trishna tries to tell Ranbir about her kidnap but he says he knows assuming it’s related to him. They enter the station. The inspector asks Purvi if she brought the lawyer to bail out her mother. Purvi says Krishna is here. Ranbir tells the Inspector that they are here to take back the complaint. the police inspector asks Krishna what did Purvi say to him that he is ready to take back the police complaint against Kumkum catering service. The police inspector says to Ranbir that he is making a mistake. Ranbir says he stands by his word and will help Purvi’s mother.

Yug asks RV what’s he searching. RV says to Yug that once he gets the wedding footage the truth will be out. Yug asks RV what is he talking about. RV says someone tried to kidnap Trishna to stop this marriage so we know who is that person to prove Purvi and her mother’s innocence. Yug praises him. Monisha and Deepika overhear it. Monisha says she made a mistake.

The inspector asks RV to sign the papers. He asks Constable to release Prachi. Purvi thanks Trishna. Deepika asks Monisha why she is scared. Monisha says she didn’t think about CCTV and what if RV caught me. Deepika scolds her for carelessness. They both fear of getting exposed. Deepika asks Monisha to hear her advice from here onwards. They decide to do something to stop RV from learning their conspiracy. The constable releases Prachi and tells her that Krishna withdrew the complaint so you’re free. Prachi feels happy.

Episode ends.

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