Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2023 Written Update: Prachi accuses Ranbir

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The episode starts with Visakha asking Akshay to come aside. Akshay asks Visakha why did she call him? Visakha praises Akshay for bringing Khushi into this house. Visakha says to Akshay that as he brought Khushi to this house Ranbir will be distracted with Khushi then he will forget about Prachi. Akshay says to Visakha that she guessed wrong. Akshay says to Visakha that he brought Khushi into this house to make sure that Ranbir’s shadow will not fall in this house again. Visakha asks Akshay not to hurt Ranbir as Mihika loves him. Akshay says Ranbir will marry Mihika, Prachi is going to stay as his wife and Khushi is going to stay as their daughter. Akshay says to Visakha that Ranbir and Prachi got separated before due to their insecurities about Khushi as they think the other is going to steal Khushi from them. Akshay says he is going to use their insecurity and separate them. Akshay says but for that, everyone in this house needs to suffer for 2 days. Visakha asks Akshay what is he going to do? Akshay says he will tell her when the time is right? Akshay leaves from there.

Prachi comes to Khushi to feed her food. Ranbir and Khushi tease Prachi and they don’t eat food. Mihika sees Prachi, Ranbir, and Khushi having a fun time and gets angry.

Akshay says to the Goon that he needs to kidnap Khushi on this Janmashtami day no matter what. The Goon says the work will be done.

Prachi gets angry as Khushi is not eating food. Ranbir and Khushi apologise to Prachi and asks Prachi to feed Khushi. Ranbir says to Khushi that she should always listen to her mother. Mihika comes to Prachi and Ranbir. Mihika says to Khushi that she is going to be his father’s wife. Khushi asks if she will have two mothers. Mihika says yes. Prachi makes a comment on Ranbir and leaves from there.

Prachi recalls Akshay’s words and also recalls Ranbir’s words that he said to Khushi and misunderstands them.

Ranbir comes and asks Prachi why is she behaving like this with him? Prachi accuses Ranbir of trying to steal Khushi from her. Ranbir says he never tried anything like that. Prachi reminds Ranbir what he said in the past when they lost Khushi. Prachi also says he tried to adopt Khushi and take her away from Prachi. Prachi says Khushi is with her today only because of Akshay. Ranbir asks Prachi to stop bringing Akshay in between them. Ranbir argues with Prachi for a while. Ranbir thinks it’s no use talking to Prachi as she has been fixed that he is in the wrong. Ranbir leaves from there.

Visakha overhears their conversation. Visakha comes to Prachi and advises Prachi to be careful with Ranbir as he might try to take Khushi away from her.

Akshay comes to Prachi and says to Prachi that Ranbir decided to take Khushi to an outing and he asked Khushi not to tell anyone about it. Akshay says to Prachi it’s wrong for Ranbir to take her outside today as today is Janmashtami and the weather today is really bad.

Manpreet comes to Mihika. Manpreet gives a peacock feather to Mihika and asks Mihika to give the peacock father to Khushi and says she will like it. Manpreet advises Mihika to love Khushi. Visakha also advises Mihika to love Khushi saying Ranbir will like her more if Khushi likes her. Mihika agrees.

Prachi tries to make Khushi drink juice. Khushi says she will not drink it and makes Prachi run around the house with her. Visakha says to Prachi that she will take care of Khushi and asks Prachi to stop feeding her all the time. Khushi thanks Visakha and goes to play with others.

Prachi sees Khushi. Ranbir comes to Prachi and asks Prachi what is she thinking about? Prachi says she is thinking about Khushi. Prachi says to Ranbir what Khushi means to her and asks Ranbir to never take Khushi away from her. Ranbir says he would never do that’s and says if he doesn’t trust her then he can’t do anything and leaves from there.

Akshay calls the Goon and asks the Goon to meet Ranbir. Akshay thinks he is going to use Khushi and separate Ranbir and Prachi forever.

Episode ends.

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