Kumkum Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update: Akshay to attend Ranbir’s birthday party with Prachi


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The episode starts with Ranbir thinking about what he has to wear standing near the wardrobe. He receives Mohit’s call. Mohit tells him that he booked the hall for the collaboration party with Akshay. Ranbir asks him to cancel it. Mohit agrees. Ranbir calls Akshay and tells him that he is canceling their collaboration party as his mom is throwing his birthday party which he forgot. Akshay says it’s great. Ranbir asks why they can’t merge both parties. Akshay says it’s a good idea. Ranbir asks him to send a list of important guests to him. Akshay agrees and tells him that he will meet him at the party. Ranbir agrees. Akshay tells Prachi about the collaboration party.

Pallavi goes to Ranbir’s room. She asks why he didn’t get ready and what he was doing in front of the wardrobe. Ranbir says he still has time. Pallavi selects a dress for him. She says she forgot to order flowers. Ranbir says he knows someone and says he will order it. Pallavi agrees and leaves. Ranbir gives the flower order to Laali and asks her to come to the party with Khushi. Laali accepts the order. Ranbir thinks Prachi’s idea of giving work to Laali is good to know about Khushi too. He thinks he is excited to celebrate his birthday with Khushi.

Ashok asks Akshay where he is going. Akshay says he is going to a collaboration and birthday party. Ashok says he is waiting for another party. He asks him to bring Prachi home before someone steals her. Akshay asks if he is scaring him. Ashok says my Friend loved your mother and he took me to see the girl whom he likes and I fell for her but I can’t cheat on him so I made him go to Australia and got your mom’s love.

Akshay gets shocked. Ashok says everything is fair in love and war and nothing is ours until we get it so give me good news tonight and bring Prachi to this house as your wife. Akshay agrees and promises him that he will do it. He asks what his friend did. Ashok says my friend understood my plan and broke the friendship but I’m not sad as I can get new friends but can’t find someone like your mother. Akshay says true, mom is special but I didn’t know this side of you. Ashok smiles. Akshay goes to get ready.

Shahana tells Dadi that Prachi is sad and doesn’t know why. Dadi says today is Ranbir’s birthday and she is emotionally troubled by her past. Shahana says Khushi is the happiness of Prachi and we need to give time to Prachi to get heated. Dadi agrees. Prachi recalls how she celebrated Ranbir’s party in the past and how they promised each other. Prachi smiles. Dadi comes to Prachi. Prachi asks Dadi to sit. Dadi says she is feeling bad for disturbing her good moment.

Prachi says nothing like that and asks why she came. Dadi says Akshay came. They go out. Akshay asks Prachi why she didn’t get ready for a collaboration party. Prachi asks when she said she will come. Akshay lies that you said to come with me so get ready. Prachi is confused and goes to get ready. Dadi and Shahana say you lied to Prachi but don’t repeat it as Prachi won’t like lies. Akshay asks them to not share him. He sees Prachi coming downstairs getting ready. He feels mesmerized. Prachi asks him what happened. Akshay says nothing. Dadi says they are getting late and asks them to go to the party. Akshay agrees and they leave for the party. Dadi and Shahana pray for Prachi’s happiness.

Aryan comes to Dida and gives her the phone saying her sister is on call. Dida talks to her sister. She asks if they are coming. Dida’s sister says they are coming and asks Daljeet to not tell Rambir about it and let’s surprise him. Dida agrees. Dida asks Pallavi and Aryan to not inform about her sister’s arrival to Ranbir. They agree. Ranbir comes there. He asks Pallavi’s permission to merge collaboration party guests with a birthday party. Aryan asks if the business is expanding. Ranbir says yes. Pallavi asks him to invite his guests and asks why he didn’t tell them till now. Ranbir says he lost in Prachi after knowing it’s his birthday.

Episode ends.

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