KumKum Bhagya 28th June 2022 Written Update: Prachi takes promise from Dida to hide her pregnancy


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The episode starts with Dida and Vikram meeting Pallavi and questioning her why she called them into a room when guests are at home. Rhea hears everything. Pallavi says this matter is more important than guests and everyone feels Prachi is daughter in law of our house as she stays here and Ranbir accepted Rhea and we have to make him accept Rhea fully so I will oust Prachi from here. Dida asks Where Prachi can leave. Pallavi says she can’t see Rhea in stressed during her pregnancy. Vikram tries to object but Pallavi doesn’t listen and she asks Dida to tell Prachi to leave from here and if you can’t do it then you will be responsible if something happens to the baby of Rhea and I can’t let Rhea stay with her Sautan. Vikram says they are sisters. Pallavi says they are not. She asks Dida to send Prachi soon from their house.

Alia stops Shahana and tells her that she doesn’t care about Prachi and it’s good she left from here as she is a big problem to Rhea’s married life so I don’t want anyone to find her. Shahana says I wish no one gets an aunt like you and until now I bear everything but not anymore. That time Prachi enters the home. Shahana goes to Prachi. Alia decides to teach a lesson to Shahana.

Prachi cries recalling her moments with Ranbir. Shahana goes to her. Prachi goes to the washroom and cries under the shower. Shahana goes out. Alia asks Rhea to implement her plan. Rhea asks her to listen to her. She tells her that Pallavi asked Dida to make Prachi leave from here. Alia takes her to the room. She says Shahana talked to me and I get to know Prachi is completely broken and she is a copy of your Mom. Rhea asks what she wants to say. Alia says she may become tough in this time so emotionally blackmail Prachi to make her leave from here telling the baby needs both of her parent’s love then Prachi will leave as the sacrifice is in her blood. Rhea says she can’t do emotional things.

Dida comes to Prachi’s room in tears and thinks about how can she ask Prachi to leave the house. She sees the maternity file in the cupboard and finds Prachi is pregnant. Ranbir tries to talk with Shahana but she stops him and shouts at Ranbir for cheating on Prachi. Ranbir asks her to understand him. Shahana says you broke her trust. Ranbir says he will set everything. Shahana asks him to stop his face promises and leaves congratulating him for becoming a father.

Dida knocks on the door and calls Prachi. Prachi comes out in drenched mode. Dida covers her in the towel and assures her that everything will get settled and don’t cry as it will affect her baby. Prachi gets shocked. Dida says I learn it so try to stay happy for your baby. Prachi agrees. Dida says it’s my grandchild so take care but why do you hide it from me? I may take good care of you. Prachi says I thought to tell everyone but I stopped seeing Ranbir is happy with Rhea. Dida asks her to think for her baby to stay happy. She asks Prachi to promise her to stay happy. Prachi promises her and she asks Dida to not tell anyone about her pregnancy. She swears on her. Dida agrees. Prachi hugs her in tears.

Episode ends.

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