Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2023 Written Update: Ranbir questions Prachi

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The episode starts with Daljeet announcing that Rhea is going to be their daughter in law. Akshay congrats Ranbir. Daljeet asks Prachi why is she looking sad? Prachi says she isn’t sad. Daljeet says to Prachi that she should wish Rhea and Ranbir. Prachi agrees.

Prachi goes and congrats Rhea. Akshay says to Ranbir now they became partners not only in business but also in love. Akshay says to Ranbir that they should marry their loved ones in the same Mandap. Ranbir comments on it.

Badi Dadi asks Pallavi why isn’t she wishing Rhea? Pallavi says to Badi Dadi that what she did isn’t right? Badi Dadi asks Pallavi what is she talking about? Pallavi reminds Badi Dadi that she exactly knows what she is talking about?

Aryan asks Ranbir if he knew about this announcement. Ranbir says he didn’t know that Daljeet is going to announce that he is going marry Rhea nor Akshay is going to propose Prachi. Priya says she knows about it.

Prachi looks herself in the mirror and recalls what happened. Prachi washes her face and puts on makeup.

Priya says to Ranbir that she knows Akshay is going to propose Prachi as he tried before but he couldn’t. Ranbir says to Priya that why didn’t she say atleast once about this? Priya says she thought Ranbir knew as Ranbir is the only friend of Akshay here. Ranbir says to Priya that he thought Akshay loves Priya. Priya says she already has a boyfriend. Rhea comes and says to Vikram that he should eat this sweet. Ranbir leaves from there. Vikram says Ranbir is just stressed with work that’s why he is behaving like this.

Daljeet asks Pallavi why is she behaving like something went wrong when people are congratulating her about Ranbir’s marriage. Pallavi says something really went wrong as she announced Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. Daljeet says she had to do it as Pallavi walked away from her responsibilities. Pallavi asks Daljeet what are the responsibilities? Daljeet says it is her responsibility to keep everyone in this house happy and says she will fulfill it. Daljeet leaves from there. Pallavi says to Daljeet that she made a mistake by making this announcement.

Ranbir and Prachi run into each other. Ranbir congratulates Prachi saying her love story with Akshay is really good. Prachi asks Ranbir about Daljeet’s announcement. Ranbir asks Prachi if she knew about Akshay. Prachi says she didn’t know? Ranbir questions Prachi if she doesn’t know how Akshay feels about her. Prachi says she knows how Akshay feels about her. Prachi says she doesn’t know about him and Rhea. Prachi says there is nothing and leaves from there.

Akshay meets his dad Ashok. Ashok asks Akshay how did he propose? Akshay says to Ashok how did he propose to Prachi. Ashok feels happy and thinks it would have been good if he was here. Akshay says he really missed him.

Daljeet asks Pallavi what mistake did she do? Pallavi reminds Daljeet that Ranbir is not a child and it is wrong for them to decide what is his happiness? Pallavi reminds Daljeet that they decided infront of Badi Dadi that they will talk about this after she talked to Ranbir but Daljeet didn’t give her a chance to talk to Ranbir and she made an announcement like this. Daljeet reminds Pallavi taht she gave her word to Rhea taht she will do Ranbir’s marriage with her. Pallavi says she didn’t give any word like that and says she only took word from Ranbir that he will marry Rhea. But now the circumstances have changed. Dadi asks Pallavi what has changed? Pallavi says Prachi is here.

Episode ends.

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