Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2022 Written Update: Wendy gives a befitting reply to Rhea and Alia


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The episode starts with Sid telling Prachi that Ranbir is getting troubled with her behavior. Prachi says that’s the plan and we have to make him tell the truth so it’s needed for him to reach saturation point. Ranbir searches Prachi. Shahana calls Prachi stone hearted and leaves saying she can’t see it. Prachi says Shahana doesn’t like to hear anything against Ranbir. Sid also leaves. Ranbir taps Prachi’s shoulder. Prachi thinks they leave seeing Ranbir. She purposely praises Sid to make Ranbir jealous. She thanks him for making her agree to the engagement. Ranbir gets confused and asks how you’re happy as it hurts. Prachi asks if it hurts him. Ranbir says yes and tries to say no. Prachi asks if he is jealous. Aryan smiles. Ranbir asks him to tell Prachi. Aryan leaves from there telling he needs to attend the call.

Prachi tells Ranbir that something is on his face. He expects she will touch him but she says light shadow is falling on you. She sees something falling from the decorations and says she needs to set it as he is an expert in spoiling everything. Ranbir asks her to set it. Both lost in each other.

Rhea and Alia spot Dida and Wendy. They go towards them. Dida tells Wendy that Rhea may complain about them to Alia. Wendy says they can show their power. Rhea and Alia confront Wendy. Dida warns them to not behave wrongly with wendy and whatever Wendy said is true and I like Prachi, not you guys. Rhea says Prachi will leave from here marrying Sid. Wendy says Rhea got stubbornness from her aunt. She warns Alia saying she will teach her a lesson if they misbehave with them. Wendy holds her hair but leaves to see Vikram and tells him that she is giving her blessings. Alia and Rhea leave saying it’s a waste to talk to them. Wendy and Dida discuss they will unite Prachi with Ranbir.

Ranbir pleads with Prachi to set everything. ( he indirectly tells her to clear their differences) Prachi assures him that she will do it. She goes to set. She thinks why can’t he tell her that he can’t live without me? She sets the decoration. Ranbir asks Prachi to come down as you may fall. Prachi steps down from the stool and says she didn’t fall. She asks how is she looking. Ranbir says not good. Prachi says I’m not asking you how am I looking with others. She leaves. Ranbir thinks she is looking pretty and how to tell her. He searches for her. Prachi hides behind Shahana and observes Ranbir.

Rhea brings Pallavi and tells everyone that Pallavi is so happy so she will dance on this happy occasion. Pallavi dances with Vikram. Ranbir goes to Prachi. She ignores him. He catches her. Prachi tells him she doesn’t want to talk to him. Ranbir says he wants to dance with her and dances with her. During the dance, Ranbir and Prachi talk with each other and come closer. Everyone claps for their performance. Ranbir wants to talk with her but Prachi leaves. Dida says Prachi is doing something. Shahana tells her you’re correct and she is going to stop engagement. Dida hugs her in happiness. Alia overhears their conversation.

Episode ends.

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