Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2021 Written Update: Aliya and Tanu throws out Pragya from Mehra mansion


Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2021 Written Update on serialGossip.in

Episode starts with Pragya notices Killer is nearing them than she runs with Abhi telling him it’s game. Killer follows them. Pragya hides Abhi behind car and she searches for open dickey and takes Abhi with her and makes him hide in dickey than she hides behind car. Killer about to open the dickey but Pragya makes Sound to divert Killer attention. Killer goes aside. Pragya searches for her phone than Killer caughts her and asks her to tell him about her husband. Pragya tells him he went to home than Killer slaps her. Abhi comes out saying don’t beat her. Killer about to go towards Abhi but Pragya beats him with rod. Killer throttles Pragya neck than Abhi beats Killer with bat to save Pragya.

Killer gets angry and beats Abhi badly taking bat from him. Pragya cries seeing Abhi’s state and shouts for help. Abhi lost his conscious. Two people came to that place than Killer runs from that place seeing them. On the way Pragya calls and informs to Aliya about Abhi’s state and tells her that they are going to hospital. Aliya says Doctor is at home and she asks her to bring Abhi to home. Pragya agrees.

Doctor checks Abhi state. Dadi feels worried for Abhi. Aliya scolds Gayathri for taking Abhi to outside. Tanu comes to Abhi’s room and asks what happened to Abhi. Gayathri says someone wants to kill him and he is the same person who hurted Abhi in the Sagai time. Aliya says you know everything and they takes Pragya from Abhi room. Dadi thinks what’s happening. Nurse asks what’s Abhi’s recovery rate? Doctor tells her their is 95% chance.

Aliya says she knows who wants to kill her brother. Pragya asks who. Aliya unveils Pragya face saying she is responsible for her brother condition. Pragya gets stunned than she requests Aliya to allow her to treat Abhi. Aliya blames Pragya for Abhi’s health condition. Tanu asks Pragya to leave from house but she denies than Aliya, Tanu and Mitali tries to throw out Pragya than Dadi comes to them. Pragya begs them to allow her to treat Abhi. Dadi supports Pragya. Aliya tells them she won’t give money to Abhi treatment if Pragya stays at their place. Tanu says Pragya don’t have money to treat Abhi. Aliya asks what’s Pragya decision. Pragya tell them she will get Abhi treated with her money. Tanu says your proposal is wrong Aliya, we don’t trust you Pragya so leave from here otherwise police will arrest you than she drags Pragya out and locks the door. Aliya opens the door abd blames Pragya fir Abhi state and she asks her to leave them closing the door on her face. Dadi feels bad.

Pragya reaches to home. Saritha notices Pragya state and asks her what happened. Pragya tells her how Killer attacked Abhi. Saritha asks why you reached to home if Abhi condition is critical. Pragya cries saying everything is over because they caught me than she goes to Maata Rani idol and blames her saying Abhi’s right, you’re just stone that’s why you’re not listening to any prayers. Saritha tries to stop Pragya but she won’t listen.

Episode ends.

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