Kumkum Bhagya 8th September 2023 Written Update: Akshay locks Prachi in a room

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The episode starts with Prachi hurting her hand while cutting vegetables. Ranbir tries to help Prachi but Prachi doesn’t allow Ranbir to do that. Ranbir and Prachi recall their past. Prachi moves away from Ranbir.

Prachi later runs into Ranbir. Prachi tries to leave but Ranbir stops her. Akshay sees Prachi and Ranbir and thinks they are hugging each other. Akshay comes to Prachi and takes her away.

Prachi asks Akshay to leave her hand and says to Akshay that he is hurting her. Akshay pushes Prachi onto the bed. Akshay locks Prachi in a room and leaves from there. Prachi bangs on the door and asks Akshay to open the door.

Visakha sees that Akshay has locked Prachi in the room. Visakha asks Akshay what is he doing? Akshay doesn’t listen to Visakha and asks Visakha why is she after him?

Visakha asks Akshay why he locked Prachi in the room? Akshay asks Visakha if she will believe him. Ranbir comes and asks Akshay where is Prachi? Akshay asks Ranbir in front of his family how will he feel when Akshay comes into his house and tries to stick to his wife. Manpreet asks Akshay what is he doing and asks Akshay what kind of behaviour is this? Akshay says to Manpreet that Ranbir was sticking to Prachi in the kitchen and he saw it with his own eyes.

Prachi asks Akshay to open the door. Mihika hears Prachi’s voice and she opens the door. Mihika asks Prachi what happened? Prachi says Akshay locked her in the room. Prachi says to Mihika that she will not bear this misbehaviour.

Ashok shouts at Akshay. Akshay lashes out at Ashok saying he is not drunk. Ashok later says to Akshay that he thinks it’s of no use hitting him that’s why he didn’t hit him. Ashok says to Akshay that he made his head bow down in shame in front of others. Manpreet requests Ranbir not to mind Akshay’s behaviour and says Akshay might have an inferiority complex as he is better than Akshay. Akshay tries to talk to Manpreet but Manpreet doesn’t listen to him. Visakha asks everyone to calm down and takes Akshay away from there.

Ashok and Manpreet apologise to Ranbir for Akshay’s behaviour. Ranbir says there is a reason for Akshay’s behaviour.

Visakha brings Akshay to a side and tries to calm him down. Visakha explains to Akshay that he needs to keep his eyes closed until Mihika and Ranbir get married. Akshay says he can’t stand Ranbir in this house.

Akshay comes to Ranbir and asks Ranbir to marry Mihika and leave from this house. Ranbir reminds Akshay about his question and says if Akshay tried to stick close to his wife then he would never Akshay to do that and reminds Akshay that is what he did. Akshay gets angry with Ranbir’s answer and pushes him away. Akshay goes to get his gun.

Akshay comes and points his gun at Ranbir. Ranbir dares Akshay to do it. Ranbir says to Akshay that he can’t do it as he needs guts to do it and for that his heart needs to be pure. Akshay points the gun to Ranbir’s head. Prachi asks Akshay to stop it. Mihika takes the gun away from Akshay and asks Akshay how dare he point the gun at Ranbir. Akshay says to Mihika that Ranbir isn’t hers but Ranbir is Prachi’s ex-husband.

Pallavi and Daljeet bring Shagun to the Tandon mansion. Daljeet stops Pallavi from entering the Tandon mansion and asks Pallavi why did she allow Ranbir to stay here? Pallavi says to Daljeet about her meeting with Visakha and what happened between them. Pallavi later says to Daljeet that they have to go to the Tandon mansion and asks Daljeet to come.

Akshay asks his family if everyone is shocked. Prachi stops Akshay and says to Akshay to look what he is speaking in front of whom? Prachi says to Akshay that his behaviour is wrong.

Akshay asks his family to ask Ranbir why did he come into this house? Akshay accuses Ranbir of coming into this house to stay close to Prachi because. Mihika interrupts Akshay and says to Akshay that Ranbir respects Prachi and says he should also respect Prachi.

Pallavi and Daljeet come and ask what happened. Akshay questions the Kohli family how could they hide the truth from them that Ranbir and Prachi are married.

Mihika stops Akshay and explains to Akshay that she knows about this from the beginning. Mihika says to Akshay that Ranbir said to her before the engagement about his relationship with Prachi. Mihika praises Ranbir and says to Akshay he doesn’t know how great Ranbir is? Akshay makes a comment on Ranbir and says to everyone that Ranbir and Mihika’s marriage will not happen.

Episode ends.

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