Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2023 Written Update: Kaya and Prachi get worried for Ranbir


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The episode starts with Ranbir saying to Sandy that I have made my love away from me, due to my ego, and that person has went away from me, I have so many memories of her, but don’t have her. Sandy asks what is her name? Ranbir says Prachi. Prachi cries. She receives Shahana’s call. Shahana asks if everything is fine and says they saw the news on tv. Prachi in tears says Ranbir is here. Shahana asks if something happened to him. Prachi says he is fine and I met him here and I want him near me, don’t know why I want him to stay near but thank god he didn’t see me and I don’t want to meet him again but I realised that he is my happiness and cause of sadness too. Shahana asks Prachi to come out of danger safely. She asks where is Ranbir. Prachi realizes Ranbis is alone and she says she is going to Ranbir and cuts the call. Shahana prays to god to save Prachi and Ranbir.

Ranbir says to Sandy that he regrets the moment he hurt Prachi and advises Sandy to live happily with Apurva. Terrorists come there. Ranbir makes Sandy escape from there. Terrorists catch Ranbir and hit him on the head.

Sandy meets Apurva and tells her that Ranbir saved her who she send for him. Prachi knocks on the door for Ranbir. Kaya comes out and asks Prachi what happened. Prachi says he is here and he is good but I misunderstood him. She says she has to meet him. Kaya asks what’s she talking about and reminds her that they need to save people in the hotel and they are in danger. Prachi says you’re correct. She asks people in the room to follow her.

The terrorists say where is Singhania’s son in law? Our mission will be successful if our man catches him to execute the plan. He sees on CCTV that their man catches Ranbir. The terrorist head thinks they catch Yashvardhan’s son in law and he tells his brother that their group name will be covered all over the world with this attack. He says it’s time to tell their Khaida group name to the government and the world.

On another side, Terrorists tie the unconscious Ranbir with rope. Commissioner assures politicians that he will handle the situation. After disconnecting the call, he thinks how to control the situation without knowing the motive of the Terrorists and their name. That Commissioner receives the Khaida group head’s call. Khalifa group head tells Commissioner that they are planning several bomb blasts in the city. Commissioner asks him to not do it and asks him to tell their demands. Khalifa group head says it’s an act from Khaida’s group and our name will roam everywhere with this attack and we don’t have any demands other than our name.

Vikram and Aryan try to console Pallavi but she didn’t listen to them. She says she wants Ranbir. She asks Vikram to request higher officials. They see Media people saying the news that terrorists blasted many railway lines. Commissioner tells his team that he is putting a red alert and tells them the Khaida group is responsible for attacks. Prachi makes people escape from downstairs. She asks Kaya to leave. Kaya says she can’t leave without the manager and I know that he is alive. Prachi asks why she is talking about him. Kaya says I don’t like him. Prachi receives messages and tells Kaya that it’s confirmed that it’s a terrorist attack. Kaya feels worried about manager. The terrorist head says to his brother that everyone in the hotel may already know that it’s a terrorist attack through live news. He calls his men and asks them to block all the networks in 3m and make sure that people in the building don’t have a connection with outside world. Kaya says she needs to call the person whom she doesn’t like to call. She calls someone but the call doesn’t get connected then she breaks the phone. Prachi tells Kaya that the network is off and it’s not your phone’s fault. The terrorist on mike tells everyone that they cut the network.

Episode ends.

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