KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story 3rd September 2020 : Riya thinks to end Prachi and Maya to get Ranbir


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Episode starts with Aliya leaves after exchanging the phone. Riya notice this and says she is fine and congratulate Prachi. Police asks Ranbir to sign. Vikram thanks Pragya for allowing Prachi to work with them. Pallavi says I never allow Ranbir to work in same company if he is Prachi place and you’re so good. Pragya says even you’re good. Pallavi gets call from Beeji saying Maya bade dad is waiting for them at home with Shagun. Pallavi says they will take time to reach home. Dushyant says it’s fine and leaves saying tomorrow is the wedding. Pallavi informs them about this news and everyone gets shocked.

Sarla waits anxiously for Prachi arrival. Shahana asks her to wait but than Prachi comes to home. Sarla happily hugs her and asks about where Is Pragya and who’s thief. Prachi says mom went to help Diya to prepare Kadha and real culprit is Sanju and some lady is with him and she is mastermind. They gets shocked. At that time Dushyant comes to their home and says their address to Maya and her mom than asks them to don’t come to Ranbir marriage with Maya because you guys are uninvited and if you don’t understand this than I will explain you in other language.

Riya asks them return shagun saying he can’t marry Maya. Ranbir says we tried many things to break this marriage but they are from strong political background. Riya says we are also influencial. Vikram says Ranbir is correct it’s not easy. Ranbir leaves to his room. Riya request Aliya to do something. Pallavi days we don’t know how to break this marriage. Riya says j will do something to break this marriage and goes to talk with Ranbir. Beeji says Riya is kid and not understanding how dangerous their family is. Aliya reminds how Dushyant warned her previously for making Maya to kill herself.

Aliya says it’s tough to fight with Dushyant and don’t know how to stop it. Beeji thinks Prachi will stop the marriage and she asks Pallavi did she invite Prachi and family for Marriage. Pallavi says yes.

Saritha says Ranbir family invited us and we will come. Maya and her mom come to their house and warns them to not attend marriage otherwise they have to face the consequence. Maya says Prachi I can see love for Ranbir in your face so don’t attend our marriage for your love and they leaves.
Saritha says it’s better if we skip marriage because their family is like rowdies. Prachi looks on.

At terrace Ranbir thinks about his moments with Prachi. Riya goes to him and says I feel we are not connected like before because you’re not saying anything to me and you gave my place to someone because you didn’t even said to me that you don’t want to marry Maya. Riya says tell me once than I will break this marriage. Ranbir asks what will you do. Riya says I will do it and you have to repay it if I do this work for you. Ranbir asks what you need. Riya leaves saying i will tell you after finishing the work.

Prachi thinks don’t know when I fell for Ranbir but I will stop his marriage. Ranbir thinks I love you Prachi and if I marry someone than that’s staying away from you and I can’t hear our separation. Prachi thinks now he is my love and i will do anything for him and Ranbir makes me realise the feeling of love and God let us stay connected and makes me reveal my love to him. Riya thinks I tried to separate Prachi and Ranbir bit they are coming closer but I will end anyone who comes between me and Ranbir.