Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story : Aryan informs Rahul address to Prachi


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Episode starts with Prachi says you are blaming Ranbir family fakely so that you can win the election and they didn’t take the name of dowry like you’re accusing. Maya comes and asks her to mind her language and days she can’t talk with her Papa in this way. Prachi says so your dad can talk with anyone in this way. Assistant informs Me Choubay that they admitted Roshini in mental hospital. Mr Chaubay says you did right, I send that girl to mental hospital for shouting at my daughter so you guys think what I can do if I notice something against my daughter. Mr Chaubay gets call from party office and leaves.

Pallavi and Beeji explains to Mrs Choubay that they didn’t ask for any dowry. Mrs Choubay says you never ask for Dowry, his mood is not good that’s why he vent out hid frustration. Beeji signs everything good to Ranbir. Mrs Chaubay thinks how dare Prachi to stand Infront of her husband even after knowing how risky person he can be. Pallavi and Beeji goes to pay the bill.

Prachi asks why dadi shows thumsup to her. Ranbir says maybe she felt good for supporting them. Prachi says I will tell Maya so she will inform her dad. Maya says Rabur I can’t heard anything against my dad. Prachi says fine, i heard you shared about your past with Ranbir, you breakup with Rahul right now he is Saloni boyfriend, it’s good. Maya asks what’s good. Prachi says it’s good that Rahul is out from your life, that guy can leave Saloni too for another girl. Maya gets angry and asks her to not speak anything against Rahul and her dad. Prachi says fine. Mrs Chaubay takes Maya with her.

Prachi says did you see how much Maya still loves Rahul and can’t heard anything against him. Ranbir gets her point. Pallavi informs to Mrs Chaubay jokingly that she hates Maya. Mrs Chaubay says I will talk with you tomorrow because your mood is not good like my husband.

Mrs Chaubay asks Maya to bring Prachi,Ranbir with her. Prachi asks Maya to give her bag so Ranbir can pay the bill. Ranbir gives to pay the bill.

Prachi says you look so good with Rahul like great couple. Maya says yes we are, everyone used to say we are perfect and we thought to marry but…Ranbir notice everything from back. Prachi says if he is good than why he cheated on you. Maya says he is not betrayer, he comes back from Saloni after realising he still loves me but later he left me without saying anything. Prachi asks things about Rahul. Maya says everything about him and reveals that she loves him more, than Maya realises saying what type of question. Ranbir handovers bag to Maya and asks whats happened. Maya leaves. Ranbir says Maya loves Rahul than what about Rahul. Prachi says Aryan will get the details big Rahul.

Rahul caughts Aryan and questions him why he is following.  Aryan says I want to take selfie with famous guy like you. Rahul says he is not famous and asks Aryan to show his previous pics with celebrities. Aryan shows something. Rahul leaves saying you’re mad. Aryan informs to Prachi that he got Rahul address. Prachi says we have to visit Rahul house at 8 so pick me at my place.