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Episode starts with Beeji and Pallavi happily video calls Saritha and informs her that Prachi and Ranbir are in love they found it in the mall. Saritha says even you guys found it. Beeji says you know it. Saritha says she felt it seeing them. Beeji says I want to fix their marriage. Saritha says it’s my wish too but we have to take Pragya permission too. Pallavi says when kids are in love why will Pragya object. Beeji says it’s true that we have to take Prachi mom permission but here matter is love and kids are hiding their love from us so as elders we have to unite them. Mr Chaubay listens their convo. Saritha says you’re true. Phone gets disconnected.

Pallavi says are we doing right? What will happen to Maya and Ranbir wedding. Beeji says Ranbir marriage won’t happen with Maya and she gets call from Saritha. Beeji says we have to think about Prachi and Ranbir leaving Maya topic and I wish to buy good saree from this shop for Prachi as Shagun. Saritha feels happy and both wish eachother and cuts the call. Saritha dances happily and informs to Shahana that Prachi match is fixed with Ranbir. Shahana says she will inform to Pragya. Saritha says let’s surprise Pragya.

Mrs Chaubay asks where you went. Mr Chaubay says he went to teach Saloni a lesson for calling Maya mad and I don’t want party to know about this matter so I must teach her lesson sending to mental hospital and I will send Prachi to jail for having affair with Ranbir so inform her that my anger is not good for her and asks her to choose between Ranbir and her family.

Maya meets Ranbir and says to him that she knows about his love for Prachi. Ranbir says I love her from the first moment. Beeji and Pallavi notices Prachi listening Ranbir anaya convo and thinks she is feeling jealous wala love. Pallavi thinks to inform Abhi that Ranbir loves Prachi. Beeji says inform him that Ranbir loves his daughter because Abhi thinks Prachi as his daughter. Maya says glad you love her before meeting me and even I have past so let’s forget the past and think about our marriage and future for our happiness, I know you’re loyal to inform me everything about your Past. Ranbir says he is bad boy. Maya says you’re honest person and that’s why you don’t want any third person to reveal your love secrets to me and marriage needs trust and you provide it to me. Ranbir says he is bad boy. Maya says his dad gonna love his qualities. Maya notices Rahul and follows him.

Beeji asks Ranbir to tell them about his love. Ranbir says everything is going in reverse. Maya and Rahul meets eachother happily. Prachi notices them and thinks this Rahul is Saloni ex bf and she notices Aryan in mall and asks him to follow Rahul. Aryan asks why. Prachi says I will tell you later and asks him to found his details.

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