Kundali Bhagya 11th September 2021 Written Update: Karan refuses to send Pihu with Sonakshi


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The episode begins with Yash asks Sonakshi to forget her daughter because she can’t raise her daughter alone and this society won’t let her live peacefully. He tells her that he knows that being a single mother is not easy that’s why he took the decision for her. She tells him that he did wrong by hiding about her daughter from her. He tells her that she is planning to repeat the mistake again so he can’t tell the orphanage name to her. She tells him that she will find her daughter by herself and leaves the room. Kareena overhears their conversation and enters the room and asks Yash about Karan’s daughter. She scolds him for hiding this huge truth from everyone. She threatens him to tell the truth otherwise she will expose him in front of everyone.

He tells her that Karan’s daughter name is Pihu and informs orphanage name to her. Kareena comes to the reality and tells everything to her family. She tells them that then Mahesh went to depression again and seeing her family’s suffer she took this decision. Karan asks her that does she have any idea that what she did. She tells him that she didn’t planned anything and just went to orphanage to meet Pihu. She thought someone else will adopt Pihu that’s why she suggested Karan and Preeta to adopt a baby. She tells them that she didn’t wanted Pihu to live in an orphanage after all Pihu is Luthra’s daughter.

She blames Sonakshi for moving on in her life without caring about her daughter. She tells her that now the latter returned to live in Luthra house by using Pihu. Sonakshi tells her that Pihu is her daughter and she don’t have anyone else than Pihu. She says to them that Preeta can conceive later and Preeta has Karan too so she won’t go anywhere without taking Pihu. Karan asks her to shut up saying that Pihu won’t go anywhere because Pihu is his and Preeta’s daughter.

Preeta goes to play room and hugs Pihu. She cries recalling the moments she shared with Pihu. Sarla, Rakhi and Karan comes there. Sarla asks Preeta to not cry. Preeta tells her that Sonakshi came to take Pihu. Sarla tells her that the latter is Pihu’s mother and Sonakshi can’t take Pihu with her. Preeta tells her that she can’t live without Pihu and she is Pihu’s mother. She asks Karan to do something. She tells Rakhi that she never asked for anything but she wants Pihu now. Karan tells her that Pihu is their daughter and he won’t let anyone take Pihu from the latter.

Rakhi warns Sonakshi to leave before Police comes. Mahesh tells Sonakshi that she did nothing than giving birth to Pihu and it’s them who gave family to Pihu and asks her to leave the house. Kareena tells her that now Preeta is Pihu’s mother. Rakhi tells Sonakshi that they legally adopted Pihu so the latter don’t have any rights on Pihu. Neethu tells them that according to law also Sonakshi can’t take Pihu with her.

She tells Sonakshi that Yash agreed for Pihu’s adoption and shows the latter’s signature to her. Sonakshi recalls that how Yash took her signature on some papers. She reveals that Yash took her signature by lying to her. Kareena refuses to believe her. She tells her that she don’t care that what Yash did with the latter but the truth is Karan and Preeta are Pihu’s parents that too legally.

Episode ends.