Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2023 Written Update: Srishti drags Preeta with her before Karan sees Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Nidhi selects outfit for Karan. She notices her lipstick mark on the outfit. Karan who is in the bathroom asks who is there. Nidhi tells him that she is leaving and leaves from there. Preeta sees Nidhi. Karan asks Nidhi to keep his outfit on the bed. Preeta hears this and enters the room. She misunderstands that Karan asked her to keep his outfit on the bed. She notices the outfit which Nidhi selected for Karan. She says that it looks like waiter outfit. She selects another outfit and keeps it on the bed. He asks her to give fresh towel because his old towel got wet. She gives towel to him. He feels Preeta’s touch when he held Preeta’s hand. She also feels something ( Sajdaa song plays in the background ).

Srishti searches Preeta and learns that Preeta is not in the house. Gurpreet asks her that where Preeta can go. Srishti recalls that how Preeta asked her to accompany her to Luthra house. She realises that Preeta left for Luthra house and leaves from there.

Karan comes out of the bathroom and he searches Preeta. He notices his outfit on the bed. He says that this can’t be Nidhi’s choice because it’s good. He wonders that who came to his room and leaves from there.

Palki suggests that where they can keep Lord Krishna swing. Luthra ladies likes Palki’s suggestion. Girija brings decoration materials. She misunderstands that Nidhi is their guest. Nidhi scolds her. She says that she is Karan’s wife Nidhi Luthra. She asks that who is Girija. Girija tells her that she is Girish’s wife. Kareena tells them to not waste time and start the decorations. Nidhi tells her that she talked to stylist and everyone’s outfit will come on time. Shaurya comes there and wonders that where is Shanaya. Girija tells Rajveer that Rishabh called him. Rajveer goes inside.

Kareena says that she likes Rajveer and she feels like Rajveer is their family member. Shaurya gets annoyed hearing this. Rakhi says that she has to make coffee for Dadi. Shanaya tells her that she will make it and goes to kitchen. Shaurya follows her. Kavya asks him that where is he going. He replies to her that he is going to help Shanaya and goes inside. Kavya laughs hearing this. Shanaya wonders that what she can do when she don’t know to make coffee.

Palki tells Kavya that Shanaya don’t know to make coffee. Rajveer comes there. Kavya says that Shaurya went to help Shanaya. Rajveer leaves for kitchen. Palki thinks that Rajveer is possessive about Shanaya. Shanaya tells Shaurya to leave because Rajveer is possessive about her. Rajveer comes there.

Srishti reaches Luthra house. Preeta collides with Karan. Karan could not see Preeta because dust went in his eyes. Srishti comes there and drags Preeta from there. Karan opens his eyes. Nidhi comes there. Karan thinks that he is sure he collided with Preeta. He wonders that where Preeta went now.

Episode ends.

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