Kundali Bhagya 14th September 2023 Written Update: Srishti tells Preeta to don’t go in front of Luthras

Kundali Bhagya 14th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Rajveer tells Shanaya to leave from the kitchen. Shanaya asks him that what happened. He tells her that they will talk about it later. Shaurya asks him that how can the latter talk to Shanaya like this. Shanaya thinks that she is happy two handsome guys fighting for her. She leaves from there. Shaurya asks Rajveer that if it’s love matter. Rajveer scolds him. Shaurya says that he love to trouble Rajveer and leaves from there.

Nidhi asks Karan that whom he is searching. Karan tells her that someone came to his room when he was in the bathroom. She tells him that she came to his room. She asks him that why he is wearing this suit when she selected something else for him. Karan says that he was right this suit is not Nidhi’s choice and leaves from there.

Nidhi tells everything to Rishabh. She says that something happened to Karan. Rishabh asks her to calm down. He says that he will handle the matter and leaves from there.

Preeta asks Srishti that why the latter took her out like this. Srishti tells her that she don’t want the latter to go in front of Nidhi. Preeta says that Srishti accepted the truth finally. Srishti asks her to calm down. She says that they will talk in their house. Preeta says that she want to know everything which she don’t remember. She adds that Srishti don’t want her to regain her memory. Srishti says that she don’t want Preeta to meet Luthras and Nidhi.

Rishabh asks Karan that whom the latter is searching. Karan tells him that Preeta came to his room and now she must be near the house only. Rishabh asks him that how the latter is so sure about it. Karan tells him that he felt Preeta’s presence and Preeta selected this jacket for him.

Palki makes Dadi do exercise. Dadi tells her that enough for today. Palki shook her head. Kareena asks Palki to not listen Dadi. Dadi scolds Kareena. Rakhi supports Kareena. Dadi tells Palki that she want to replace her daughter and her daughter in law. Kavya asks Palki to not take all this seriously. Shaurya tells them that he will take them out to drink coffee. Rajveer says that everyone is busy with preparation of Krishna Janmashtami. Shanaya says that they can return soon. Rajveer tells her that he want to talk to her and he takes her from there. Palki feels bad seeing this.

Karan chases the auto. Preeta sees this and asks the driver to stop the auto. Srishti tells the driver to don’t stop the auto and drive fast. Rishabh asks Karan to stop behaving weird.

Palki cries recalling the moments she shared with Rajveer. Rajveer asks Shanaya that why she is getting close to Shaurya. Shanaya tells him that it’s just a casual friendship. She says that she won’t let Shaurya come near her. Shaurya and Palki sees this. Shaurya asks Shanaya that what Rajveer said. Shanaya tells him that Rajveer is possessive about her so he said Shaurya is bad guy. Shaurya tells her that he like her. She tells him that they will try to know each other more.

Episode ends.

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