Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2022 Written Update: Arjun brings proof to prove Anjali’s innocence


Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Kareena tells Police inspector to arrest Anjali for trying to kill Rishabh. Arjun says that it was an accident. She says that Anjali did it deliberately and peon is a witness. Police arrests Anjali. Arjun says that Anjali is innocent. Kareena asks him that how can he defend Anjali when he claimed that Luthras are like his family. She says that law will do it’s job. Anjali tells Arjun that she did nothing so she is not scared. Arjun tells her that he will come with lawyer. Police takes Anjali from there. Arjun asks Kareena about Rishabh’s condition. Kareena asks him to stop showing fake concern. She reminds him that he already tried to kill Rishabh. He tells her that he did nothing like that. She warns him to stay away from Luthras and leaves from there. He calls lawyer and he talks to him about Anjali’s bail.

Doctor informs Luthras that Rishabh is fine now. Preeta goes to buy medicines. Luthras goes to see Rishabh. Arjun recalls Preeta and Kareena’s words. He thinks that Rishabh deserved this so he don’t want to see Rishabh. He says that he has see that Luthras telling the truth or not.

Rakhi asks Rishabh that why he was not careful when driving. Mahesh and Srishti advices Rishabh. Rishabh says that he drives well and it was not his mistake that accident happened. Kareena comes there and she hugs Rishabh. He asks her to stop crying. She informs him about Anjali’s arrest. She says that she won’t spare Anjali. He tells her that they should check the facts first. She asks them to not tell about it to Preeta. Preeta enters the room. She says that she is glad Rishabh is fine now. Police puts Anjali behind bars. Lawyer asks Arjun to come to police station to sign on the papers.

Doctor tells Luthras that they can take Rishabh home but Rishabh need rest. Preeta asks Rishabh that if he is thinking about anything. Srishti tells her about Anjali’s arrest. Preeta says that Anjali deserves punishment for her mistake. Rishabh tells her that it could be an accident. Rakhi asks him to not doubt Preeta’s intention. Srishti says that Anjali hiding something from them for sure. Sameer says that Anjali can do anything for Arjun. Dadi asks them to stop talking and finish the discharge procedure.

In the police station, Arjun’s manager gives the CCTV footage to Police inspector. Preeta comes there. Meanwhile, Luthras enters Luthra house. Kavya hugs Rishabh. She tells him that she talked to Arjun on video call and Anjali helped her. Kareena says that seems like peon said the truth. Srishti says that Anjali did it on Arjun’s behest.

Preeta asks Police inspector to not leave Anjali. Arjun taunts her. Police releases Anjali. Police inspector informs Preeta that Anjali got bail. Preeta says that it must be fake proof. Arjun tells her that she would have loved Rishabh before marriage too. She scolds him and leaves from there. Later, Preeta gives medicines to Rishabh. She informs him about Anjali’s bail.

Episode ends.

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