Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2020: Sarla warns Preeta to not meet luthra’s

Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Episode begins with Mahira says Preeta herself confessed that she tried to separate Mahira and Karan. Karan asks Preeta to leave from there. Ramona says after doing everything to Preeta standing there like shameless. Dadi says Mahesh is in this condition because of Preeta so she won’t forgive her. She says she did mistake by not listening Kareena because Kareena was always right about Preeta. Sristy says she won’t listen anything against Preeta. She says Preeta always helped luthra’s going against Sarla but still they are blaming her then it’s their problem.

Sherlyn says they never needed Preeta and asks what exactly Preeta wants from luthra’s? Before Preeta says anything Karan stops her and leaves from there. Rakhi says from now there is no relationship between them and asks Preeta to leave from there. She says she never wants to see Preeta face and asks her to not come back again. Preeta, Sristy leaves from there. Sristy says they have to tell the truth of Sherlyn and Mahira to Rakhi. Preeta doesn’t says anything and recalls how everyone blamed her.

Prithvi wakes up and thinks how he reached luthra’s store room. He thinks who would have locked him there and assumes Karan would have did that. Sherlyn unlocks the door, Prithvi shocks seeing her there and asks her how he reached the store room. She says she will tell him later and asks him to leave from there. Beeji says she knows Sarla is angry with Preeta and Sristy and asks her to not scold them because Sristy already told what happened in hospital.

Sarla asks her daughters to change the dress. Beeji consoles the crying Preeta. Preeta says she can’t even think to push Mahesh still luthra’s blamed her for Mahesh’s condition. She says Mahesh is like her father then why will she do that with him instead she was happy seeing his recovery. She says she just wanted to help them but no one trusted her today. Sristy says everyone believed Sherlyn and asked Preeta to leave from there.

Rishab says one nurse is with Mahesh and taking care of him. Kareena says she wants to talk something important and everyone should follow her.She says already arora’s did many wrong things with them, so from now no one from luthra’s should keep any kind of relation with arora’s. She says Karan married Preeta for revenge. Karan nods to her and leaves for his room. Dadi says Kareena is right and asks luthra’s to forget about Preeta and her family.

Sristy says they always helped luthra’s going against Sarla but in return just got insult. Preeta says Karan too didn’t believed her. Sarla says there is no mistake of luthra’s because they were like that only always but Sristy, Preeta did mistake. She says she always denied them to not go there but they never listened her. She says it hurts when luthra’s insults her daughters. She says if Preeta or Sristy again went to luthra house then they have to see her dead face only.(Episode ends).

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