Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2022 Written Update: Kareena decides to steal the property papers


Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Karan asks Preeta to have breakfast. Preeta asks him that why he is suddenly showing concern like he wants her property papers and leaves from there. Kritika says that she doesn’t likes it when Preeta insults Karan like this. Prithvi asks her to relax and have her breakfast. Then he goes to Sherlyn’s room and asks Sherlyn that what happened. She tells him that they has to give the property papers to her lawyer. He refuses to steal the property papers so she decides to steal it. He tells her that many people want to steal the property papers. She asks him that why he is behaving like it doesn’t matter for him that Preeta rules Luthra’s. She says that this is their last chance so she will steal it for sure.

On the other hand, Kareena asks Kritika to lock the room. She tells Karan that she wants his help. She says that they have rights on these properties but Preeta ruling now. She tells him to steal the property papers. He denies to steal it. Kritika says that she can understand Karan may feel that it’s unethical but Kareena asking him to do this for their family. He scolds her for involving these kind of matters. Kareena tells Karan that they are not doing anything wrong. Karan accepts that Preeta is wrong but he won’t do anything wrong and leaves from there. Kareena decides to steal the property papers.

Sherlyn asks Prithvi that what he decided to do. Prithvi yells at Sherlyn and asks her to not behave like mad woman and leaves from there. Sherlyn tells herself that she wants power for herself now and she wish to become a owner of Luthra mansion. She says that she need not to work under Prithvi and Preeta if she has papers then. Srishti comes there and warns Sherlyn.

Later, Preeta tells Srishti that she wants Prithvi to get arrested. Srishti asks her about the plan. Preeta reveals that Prithvi celebrated his victory with Sherlyn. Srishti gets shocked learning that Prithvi and Sherlyn are together still. Preeta says that Prithvi using Kritika as his pawn. She adds that they has to get rid of Prithvi. She informs her plan to Srishti. Srishti asks her that why the latter taking risk by using the original property papers. Preeta tells her that they need to take this risk to catch Prithvi red-handed.

Later, Preeta apologizes to Rakhi. She says that she knows that the latter is angry at her. Rakhi says that dinner is ready and goes to the kitchen to bring it. Preeta tells Srishti that Rakhi is sad and she can’t see her like this. She says that she is helpless and cries. Srishti asks her to not cry and control her emotions. Preeta thanks Srishti for supporting her always. Sherlyn tells Preeta that she is feeling stressed with the latter’s rules. Preeta tells her that the latter can escape if she leaves the house then.

She tells Natasha to help Rakhi in serving. Girish gives papers to Preeta saying that her lawyer asked him to give it to her. Srishti asks Preeta about papers. Preeta says that it’s a secret. Karan tells her that everyone knows that that’s a property papers.

Episode ends.

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