Kundali Bhagya 18th September 2023 Written Update: Rajveer decides to focus on Palki


Kundali Bhagya 18th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Shambhu collides with Srishti. Srishti recognizes him. She tells Mohit that it’s Shambhu who caused Preeta’s accident. Shambhu runs from there. But Preeta catch him. They takes Shambhu from there.

On the other hand, Palki comes downstairs after getting ready. Rajveer gets mesmerized seeing her. Shaurya also sees Palki. Rishabh compliments Kavya. Karan tells Kavya that she is looking like an angel. He says that Kavya is best daughter of best father. He learns that Rishabh already told Kavya that she is looking like an angel. Mahesh says that Rishabh is like him. Dadi says that Karan is like her. Karan pretends like he is going inside. Rakhi stops him. Rishabh asks youngsters to not think weird because Karan is doing this to get attention. Rakhi asks Palki about Daljeet.

Daljeet comes there. Palki introduces Daljeet to Luthras. Daljeet compliments Shaurya. Shanaya takes Rajveer inside. Palki and Shaurya notices this. Shanaya asks Rajveer that if he like Palki. Rajveer accepts that he like Palki. He says that he don’t know what Palki feels for him. She tells him that seeing his possessiveness towards her, everyone will think he feels for her. She leaves from there. Rajveer thinks that he should focus on Palki. He says that he like Palki and it’s necessary to tell about it to Palki.

Varun takes blessings of elders. Karan asks Varun about the latter’s father. Varun tells him that they are celebrating Krishna Janmashtami in their house too. Rakhi says that she thought Varun won’t come. Rishabh asks Varun that did Kavya emotionally blackmailed him. Varun agrees with him. Kavya says that Varun said he is missing her that’s why she told him to come. Mahesh tells Luthras to leave Kavya and Varun alone. Varun tells Kavya that Mahesh is cute. Kavya asks him that why he told about their talks to her family. She refuses to talk to him.

Srishti, Preeta and Mohit brings Shambhu to Mohit’s house. Srishti and Mohit ties Shambhu with chair. Gurpreet thinks that Mohit did something wrong. Srishti slaps Shambhu for causing Preeta’s accident. She tells him that she know it was not an accident but he tried to kill Preeta. She reveals that she saw Shambhu in an accident spot. She asks him that who told him to kill Preeta and who is his boss. She slaps him again. Shambhu pretends like he don’t know anything. Mohit scolds him for lying. Gurpreet tells Shambhu that Preeta will forgive him but Srishti won’t spare him. Preeta threatens Shambhu to hit him with flower vase. Shambhu laughs. Srishti beat him up. Shambhu agrees to tell the truth.

Palki tells herself that Shanaya is smart, funny and intelligent girl so anyone can like Shanaya. She says that she is boring and bookworm so no one will like her. She decides to not think about Rajveer because that’s wrong. She cries. Rajveer comes there. She lies to him that dust went into her eyes. He tells her that he know her and he want to know more about her. She leaves from there. He follows her. He holds Shanaya when she is about to fall down. Palki sees this.

Episode ends.