Kundali Bhagya 20th June 2022 Written Update: Arjun reaches India to close the deal


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Episode begins with Rishabh thanks Rajshiv. Mayank tells Rajshiv that he bidded more amount than Rishabh. Rajshiv tells him that he liked Rishabh’s offer the most and leaves from there. Rishabh tells Mayank that he learnt that Rajshiv did not wanted to sell his palace but because of some personal reason he is selling it that’s why he offered this deal to Rajshiv and won the auction and leaves from there.

In the London, Arjun gets exchanged to Nidhi. He dances with her. He leaves in the middle of the dance to pick Mayank’s call. Mayank informs him everything which happened in the auction. Arjun scolds him and fires him.

Mayank praises Rishabh. Arjun tells him that he is coming to India to close the deal which is going to happen in the coming Friday. He books flight for India. Nidhi hears him and asks him that how can he leave for India when they are getting married in 15 days. He tells her that he is leaving for seven days only. She tells him that he can’t go and breaks his mobile.

Nidhi’s sister Anjali says that she is glad that fight happening after engagement. Nidhi tells Arjun that she don’t want this marriage too become bad memory for her. Arjun tells her about auction and Mayank’s praising words about Rishabh. He says that he has to win this at any cost. She asks him to return after seven days and hugs him.

In the airport, Arjun reads Rishabh’s file and sees his and Preeta’s photo. Later, Arjun reaches Mumbai. Nidhi calls Arjun and reminds him that he has just six days now. He tells her that Rishabh looks like a sweet guy but wonders that how he impressed Rajshiv.

He says that Rishabh is really brilliant for sure. He adds that Rishabh’s wife looks like a typical house wife. She asks him to not think too much and close the deal and return to her. He promises to return to her and disconnects the call. He walks towards his staff Manish and meets with an accident.

Meanwhile, Preeta feels like something bad happened. She wonders that if Kavya is fine. She searches Kavya in the house and finds her playing cricket with Girish. She thinks that Kavya is fine then why her heart pains. Manish admits Arjun in the hospital.

He calls Mayank and informs him about Arjun’s accident. Mayank calls Anjali and informs her about Arjun’s accident. Anjali who is in India asks the driver to reach city hospital. She realises that Nidhi is in Canada.

Luthras prepares for puja. Sameer and Srishti fights. Dadi and Kareena discusses about their fights. Rakhi tells them that she especially keeping this puja for Sameer and Srishti. But they can ask Preeta and Rishabh to join the puja too. She gets shocked learning that Priest Vashisht coming for puja. She informs about Vashisht’s arrival to others.

Preeta asks her that if anything happened. Rakhi tells her that Vashisht is not normal Priest and everything happens the way he says. Preeta says that they should not worry about anything. Rakhi tells her that Vashisht is strict too. Vashisht enters the house. Everyone greets him. Rakhi takes his blessings. He asks her about her son which confuses everyone.

Episode ends.

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