Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2023 Written Update: Srishti sees Shambhu in the Luthra house

Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Preeta takes the aarti from Karan. Karan looks at her. Nidhi searches Preeta. Preeta goes inside. Karan asks Rajveer that where is Preeta. Rajveer pretends like he don’t know anything. He wonders that why Preeta came to Luthra house. He decides to send Preeta from there before anyone else sees her. Rishabh gives prasad to everyone. Nidhi goes to her room and calls Nilesh. She says that her problems would have been solved if Nilesh killed Preeta then. And says her efforts will be ruined if Preeta came in front of Luthras then.

Preeta comes there and says that she know Nidhi came to hospital to strangulate her. She asks her that why the latter want to kill her. Nidhi asks her that why she want to kill her when she don’t have any enmity with her. She lies to her that she did not try to kill her. She says that it must be someone else. Preeta tells her that she is sure the latter came to kill her. Nidhi tells her that Krishna Janmaashtami celebration happening and asks her to go home instead of fighting. Preeta tells her that she will tell everyone that the latter tried to kill her. She says that Karan will call the police. She asks her to say what enmity the latter has with her.

Nidhi says that she is not understanding anything. She asks Preeta that if the latter become mad. Preeta tells Nidhi that she is not involved in the latter’s life so what is Nidhi’s problem. Nidhi says that it must be Preeta’s misunderstanding. Preeta says that she know Nidhi hired Shambhu to kill her. Nidhi claims that she don’t know Shambhu.

Rishabh asks Karan that whom the latter is searching. Karan tells him that he felt Preeta’s presence and he has to find Preeta. Rishabh tells him to come downstairs with Nidhi. Preeta tells Nidhi that she won’t go without learning that why the latter want to kill her. Karan knocks the door and asks Nidhi to open the door. He informs Nidhi that they have to go downstairs for puja. Nidhi thinks that today her story is over because Karan will see Preeta.

Palki tells Shaurya to stay away from Shanaya. Shaurya tells Palki that Shanaya likes to talk to him so what is the latter’s problem. He asks her that if she is jealous. He tells her to accept that she love Rajveer. She gives prasad to him and leaves from there. Rajveer searches Preeta.

Preeta tells Nidhi to make an excuse and send Karan from there. She hides behind the door. Nidhi opens the door and tells Karan that she will come downstairs and closes the door. Karan leaves from there. Preeta tells Nidhi to come to back door of the house and leaves from there. Nidhi takes the knife and goes with Preeta. Srishti sees Sambhu. She makes him unconscious. In the corridor, Nidhi tries to stab Preeta. Preeta snatches the knife from Nidhi and takes her from there.

Kavya tells Varun that how she felt mother feel when one of the lady from dance group touched her. She says that she don’t even remember her mother face and cries. Varun tells her that her mother and her mother’s blessings are with her always. Rajveer overhears their conversation. He goes inside and tells Kavya that he will arrange meeting of her and his mother.

Episode ends.

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