Kundali Bhagya 28th March 2022 Written Update: Kritika denies to talk to Karan


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Episode begins with Natasha tells Kritika that she can understand her situation and she is with her. Sameer comes there and asks Kritika that why she is crying. She asks him that how can he ask her like this when he knows about Prithvi’s arrest. He tells her that Prithvi did wrong that’s why Police arrested him. She tells him that it must be Preeta’s plan. Sherlyn and Natasha agrees with her. Karan enters the room and tells them that Prithvi is wrong not Preeta. Kritika tells him that he is standing in front of her as Preeta’s husband so she don’t want to talk to him. He tells her that he is not taking Preeta’s side. She tells her that her mental condition is not fine so they should not talk now. Karan and Sameer leaves the room.

Preeta thanks Karan. He tells her that he indirectly helped her because he did what he felt right. She tells him that Prithvi deserves to be in jail. He tells her that he knows that Prithvi is wrong and he also knows that she is not saint. And everything is her plan. He tells her that Kritika is not talking to him because of her. She asks him to not blame her because she didn’t tell him to call the Police. He tells her that his family suffering because of her and Prithvi. She asks him to calm down. He scolds her for lecturing him. He tells her that she returned to achieve her goal and she is not his old Preeta and leaves from there. She tells herself that he has no idea that how complicated her life is. And her loved ones hates her and she can’t even tell them that she loves them and cries.

Sameer hugs Karan and tells him that the latter is world’s best brother. He thinks that he knows that Karan is angry at Preeta now so he can’t leave him alone. Karan tells Sameer that Kritika thinks that he is her enemy. Sameer tells him that the latter yelled at Preeta unnecessarily. He says that he is happy that Karan and Preeta send Prithvi to jail. He defends Preeta’s actions. He reminds him that it’s Preeta who saved him from Police. He says to him that he can understand that Kritika is upset but that’s not change the truth that Prithvi is wrong. Karan tells him that he knows that Prithvi is wrong. Sameer asks him to apologize to Preeta. Karan accepts that he overreacted.

Preeta recalls Karan’s words. She thinks that she has to reveal Luthras that she is with them and loves them so much. She decides to apologize to them for her behaviour towards them.

In the police station, Constable puts one criminal in Prithvi’s cell. Criminal tries to talk to Prithvi which annoys the latter. He offers alcohol to him and introduces himself to him. Prithvi tells Pradeep that the latter is like cartoon. On the other hand, Rakhi, Kareena and Dadi prepares guest list for holi celebration. Rakhi decides to prepare Mahesh’s favorite sweet dish. She says that she is happy that Prithvi is not there. Preeta hears that and decides to tell the truth tomorrow.

Episode ends.

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