Kundali Bhagya 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Preeta and Arjun’s marriage rituals begins


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Episode begins with Rakhi brings Preeta downstairs. Rishabh says that Preeta is looking beautiful. Arjun reminds him that that Preeta is going to be his wife. Anjali thinks that now Rishabh will get angry and stop this marriage. Rishabh holds Preeta’s hand and he takes her near the marriage mandap. He tells Arjun that Rakhi and Preeta are most important people of his life and they wants this marriage to happen so this marriage will happen. He asks Priest to begin the marriage rituals. Arjun holds Preeta’s hand and they sits on the marriage mandap.

Srishti tells Kritika and Dadi that they have to do something. Rakhi asks her to bring supari. Srishti’s lies to her that there is no supari in their house. Rakhi tells her that she bought supari and it’s in the kitchen. Srishti goes inside. Kritika follows her. Preeta keeps her hand on Arjun’s hand on Priest’s behest. Meanwhile, Prithvi, Sambhu bhai and his mens reaches Luthra house. Security guard stops them. They beat Security guards. Prithvi tells his gang to wear mask.

Priest tells Arjun and Preeta to stand for varmala ritual. Preeta puts the marriage garland on Arjun’s neck. She wonders that why he is not telling her he is her Karan. Arjun puts the marriage garland on Preeta’s neck. Priest asks Luthras to tie gathbandhan and Rakhi ties gathbandhan and she blesses Preeta and Arjun. Priest asks Preeta and Arjun to stand for pheres. Sambhu bhai asks them to stop the marriage and he fires bullet on air.

Dadi misunderstands that it’s Srishti’s plan to stop the marriage and she tells about it to Kareena. Preeta asks them that what they wants. Prithvi yells at her. Dadi slaps him and tells him that he should not trouble Preeta but Arjun. Sambhu bhai address her as old women. Dadi gets angry and scolds him. Prithvi points a gun at Rakhi which shocks everyone. In the kitchen, Srishti and Kritika hears bullet firing sound.

Prithvi tells Dadi that Srishti did not hired them. He says that they are thief so they came to steal. He tells them that God did wrong by giving so much money to Luthras and Suryavanshis. He says that it’s good they don’t have phones with them. He asks everyone to remove their jewels. Rishabh threatens to press the emergency button. He asks goons to drop the guns and he press the emergency button but it did not work.

Prithvi laughs and he tells him that they are not fool to come without any preparation. Preeta asks them to stop it. Sambhu bhai scolds her. Sameer taunts him for hiding face with mask. Luthra mens starts beating goons. Mahesh tries to take Luthra ladies inside but Rakhi refuses to go and says that she can’t go leaving her children in danger. And Rakhi throws coconut on Prithvi’s head who is fighting with Sameer. Srishti and Kritika comes there.

Episode ends.

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