Kundali Bhagya 30th April 2021 Written Update: Srishti learns that Blackmailer blackmailing Prithvi


Kundali Bhagya 30th April 2021 Written Update on serialGossip.in

Episode begins with Srishti sees Prithvi’s shadow and informs about it to Sameer. They moves towards Prithvi with hot water. Prithvi runs from there. His shoe gets stuck so he leaves that there and escaps from the factory. In Luthra house, Rakhi assures Kritika saying that nothing will happen to Preeta and she is happy that Kareena met Preeta and she knows that Preeta must be happy thinking that her whole family supporting her. Pammi notices that Kareena seems tensed and wonders why she is tensed. Rakhi informs them that tomorrow is court hearing and goes to prepare juice for Dadi. Kritika follows her to help.

Pammi asks Kareena that what happened to her. Kareena says to her that she won’t understand. Pammi asks her to share the problem with her. Kareena says to her that Pammi may misunderstood her like Rakhi. Pammi says to her that she is different from Rakhi and she is not naive like Rakhi. Kareena says to her that she genuinely apologized to Preeta but Karan made fun of her there and she thinks Preeta brainwashed him against her otherwise he is not that kind of person who will talk to her like that.

Pammi says to her that Preeta is smart and Preeta knows that Kritika won’t stay silent for many days and now Preeta become special person to Luthra’s so now no one can say anything against Preeta because Preeta helped Luthra’s daughter Kritika. Kareena says to her that she already knows that Preeta is cunning person and now she trapped everyone.

On the other hand, Sameer finds Prithvi’s shoe and shows it to Srishti. He says to her that it’s Prithvi’s shoe and they were chasing Prithvi till now. She asks how is he so sure about it. He informs her that this is the same shoe which Kritika gifted Prithvi on holi day. Factory guard informs them that according to vada pav vendor there was two persons. Srishti thanks him and finds bracelet there and keeps it with her thinking it will be helpful in the future.

Lawyer Siddharth says to Mahesh that it would have been good if Preeta stayed silent when Police arrested her. He informs them that Preeta’s statement made this case weak. Karan says to him that Preeta never lies and she just said the truth. Siddharth asks Mahesh to not worry and leaves from there.

Prithvi hides the suitcase behind the pillow. Mahira comes there and asks him that what is he doing. He tells her to leave the room. She informs him that Shubham blackmailing her and she regrets for helping him and leaves from there. Sherlyn asks him that did he saw the Blackmailer’s face. Prithvi tells everything to her.

Later, Srishti says to Mahira that she read her Blackmailer’s message. Mahira yells at her. Srishti learns that Prithvi and Mahira has same model and same colour mobile. She realises that she read message from Prithvi’s mobile. Sameer says to her that they should confront Prithvi. She says to him that they should inform everything to Karan first.

Karan questions Prithvi about his shoe. Prithvi says to him that that’s not his shoe. Srishti asks him that what was he doing in the factory. Prithvi says to them that he didn’t went to any factory. Srishti asks him that then why Blackmailer blackmailing him.

Episode ends.