Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story 17th August 2020 : Sherlyn denies Rishab’s allegations


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Episode begins with Karan tells Mahesh that he thought Mahesh will talk with him soon and will stay beside him on his special day. He says he hates Preeta so much but he won’t let her hurt his family. He says after his wedding Preeta will become stranger.

Preeta says how can Mahira even think that she will let her marry Karan. She says till now Mahira was staying in luthra house using her and Karan’s fights. She says if Mahira was Karan’s real friend then she would not have tried to harm his family. Preeta says she and Karan connected with their hearts after their wedding it became more strong.

Mahira says Preeta’s lecture not gonna affect her. She says Karan hates Preeta, he is not gonna love her now. She says even if Preeta dies no one from luthra family will cry for her. Karan says he thinks he is so happy but the tears keep coming and asks why it’s happening with him. He gets Preeta’s earring and stares it.

Sristy and Sameer sees him from outside room. Sristy asks Sameer why the pills not working. Sameer says that pill will take at least 30 minutes to work. Karan throws the earring angrily. Sristy and Sameer gets worried seeing that.

Rishab says Sherlyn lied to his family that she talked to him but in real that never happened. He says she already knows his kidnap going to happen that’s why she lied to his family. She says she doesn’t know anything she just gave excuse when everyone asked her about him. He yells at her and asks her to not lie to him. She says she is his wife, she has rights on his property then why she will kidnap him without any reason.

He asks her to show the knife she used to cut the apple. She recalls how she handover the knife to Prithvi for his safety and says he is blabbering now. He says without confirmation he never says anything. He says he is not the one who shouts at girls but she keep giving him reasons by doing things against Preeta. She says he is keep blaming her when she did nothing like that. She says their problem is Preeta. He says she planned to kidnap him and put the blame on Preeta.

Mahira says she doesn’t have time to listen Preeta’s stupid talks. She was about to go saying she is getting late for her wedding. Preeta says she knows that Mahira planned to kill Mahesh. She says she also knows that Sherlyn kidnapped Rishab and Mahira is partner of her and says both planning to kill Mahesh after the wedding. She says after knowing everything she won’t stay silent and will stop the wedding.

Mahira asks what Preeta can do. Preeta says she has to save her husband from Mahira like Savitri saved her husband from Yamraj. She says if Mahira thinks luthra’s won’t listen her then that’s not a problem because Police will listen her so she is going to call them after all she is legal wife of Karan. She says she is going to tell them everything and they will stop the wedding. Mahira shocks listening her.

Sherlyn says everyone suspected Preeta for his kidnap but here he is blaming her only like always. She says Preeta is not innocent like he thinks about her, if it was true then now Preeta would be in Mahira’s place. She says he trusts Preeta blindly but never trusts her. She swears on Sanjana and says she didn’t kidnapped him and thinks she knows how to handle these emotional idiots.

Mahira thinks how to stop Preeta from going outside. Preeta says no one can stop her and was about to open the door but Mahira hits her with vase from behind. Mahira says she will kill Preeta before she does anything to stop the wedding. Preeta too hits Mahira who loses consciousness.

Kareena asks Rishab to bring Karan saying they will talk about his and Sherlyn’s fight after the wedding. Rishab tells Krithika that Sherlyn keep changing him and he is not liking that. He asks her to not misunderstood him like Kareena. She says she believes him. He thinks his gut feeling says Sherlyn is wrong and he decides to end his relationship with her after Karan’s wedding.

Episode ends.