Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story 17th September 2020 : Karan regrets for his actions


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Episode begins with Karan wakes up first and recalls how Preeta took care of him whole night. He regrets for saying thank you to her and thinks he fall sick so he was emotionally weak and let her do whatever she wanted with him. He thinks he is the problem not her now she will mock him. He decides to leave the room before she wakes up and notices how comfortably she is sleeping when yesterday only she complained about the same bed.

While Karan was taking his mobile from side table, Preeta wakes up and he leaves from there without uttering a word to escape from the embarrassment. Sarla calls Preeta and asks how her first day going on her Luthra house. She tells Preeta to cook a sweet dish for Luthra’s because she is gonna cook first time in their kitchen as daughter in law of Luthra’s. Preeta thinks no one will eat her hand made food for sure. Sarla says if she performed this ritual then Luthra’s at least will take a byte of her dish just to not disrespect the ritual so she should do definitely. Preeta agrees to cook sweet dish for Luthra’s.

Sherlyn hears that and leaves from there. Sarla says she believes that Preeta will win Luthra’s heart for sure and says she knows Preeta is good daughter and sister but now she has to prove herself as good wife and daughter in law too. She advises her to not change herself but mingle with Luthra’s because from now it’s her family. Preeta says she can’t become sweet like Sarla and thanks her for all the advises and blessings and also for being her mother. Sarla tells her to not say thanks and she is glad that she has 4 daughters and she misses her a lot. Preeta cryingly says she too misses her. Sarla asks her to not cry and tells her to prepare the sweet dish with smiling face.

Mahira says she doesn’t know what happened between Karan and Preeta but she knows what going to happen between her and Karan. Sherlyn comes there and tells Mahira that Preeta gonna cook sweet dish for everyone. Mahira says Preeta can’t win everyone’s heart with that. Sherlyn says Preeta trying to act like a good daughter in law in front of everyone. Mahira and Sherlyn decides to spoil Preeta’s dish before she impresses anyone. Mahira was about to add salt in Preeta’s sweet dish but at right time Preeta stops her and warns her. She says Preeta can’t win Luthra’s hearts with this sweet dish. Preeta says it’s her first rasoi and she wants to concentrate so don’t disturb her. She says she is just fulfilling her responsibility as a daughter in law of this house not trying to do anything else. Sherlyn tries to spoil Preeta’s dish but fails.

Mahira tells Sherlyn that no one should think good about Preeta in Luthra house. Later when no one is in the kitchen Sherlyn adds chilly masala in Preeta’s dish. Mahira says she too wants to cook for Luthra’s and everyone will get to know who is best. Sristy video calls Preeta but Sarla takes the mobile from her and asks Luthra’s thinking about her reception or not. Preeta says reception is not possible because her marriage is not normal like others. Sarla consoles her.

Episode ends.