Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story and Spoilers: Karan decides to marry Preeta


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The episode begins with Rakhi says she came to bless Preeta as a mother in her wedding. Sarla says she didn’t want to see Rakhi in Preeta’s marriage but now she is happy seeing the happiness on Preeta’s face. Rakhi says Karan will get angry if he comes to know about this and was about to go. But Preeta stops her, asks her to stay till marriage and says Karan wouldn’t know about this and he changed so much too nowadays. Rakhi agrees to stay till marriage ends.

Sammy shocks seeing Prithvi in an unconscious state with Karan. Karan says he is gonna marry Preeta in the place of Prithvi and asks Sammy to not tell anyone about it not even to Sristy. Sammy thinks Karan finally realized his love for Preeta that’s why he decided to marry her. Sammy decides to not tease Karan because he won’t agree anyway. Karan and Sammy tie Prithvi with rope. Karan asks Sammy to bring Pandit ji.

Sherlyn says she is going outside from back door of luthra house to stop Prithvi’s marriage. Sanjana tries to stop Sherlyn but Sherlyn scolds her mother. Sherlyn was about to go outside but Kareena comes there and asks her to give medicine to Mahesh because Rakhi too not in the house.
Rakhi sees Sammy and calls him. Sammy praises Preeta and Preeta says she is so happy seeing him in her marriage. Rakhi asks what Sammy doing there. Sammy says he came for Preeta and apologize to Sarla for not listening her. Preeta asks who else came with Sammy. Sammy lies to her saying he came alone to attend her marriage.

Sherlyn scolds luthra’s in front of Mahesh who is in coma and says she can’t even able to stop Prithvi’s marriage because of them. She throws the medicine outside deliberately and tries to kill him but stops saying she will torture luthra’s showing his useless body and will instigate luthra’s against Preeta. Sammy tells Pandit ji that groom called him in his room.

Pandit ji comes to Karan’s room, Karan says he got infection in his eyes so can’t show his face to anyone so to complete the marriage he should be in veil and asks Pandit ji to lie to everyone that according to horoscope groom should not show his face to anyone till marriage completes. Pandit ji first denies to lie later agrees with Karan. Karan asks Pandit ji to tell everyone that he can’t speak too while performing marriage rituals because his voice too changed.

Sristy gets happy seeing Sammy there and apologize to him for scolding him. Sammy forgives her. Sristy asks did he came for her and says he is so good. Karan starts to cough seeing Rakhi there, he tries to drink water without removing the veil. They asks him to remove the veil but Pandit ji stops them saying groom should not show his face till the marriage completes. Sammy says Pandit ji is right and everyone should listen him.

Rakhi makes Karan stand with Preeta and blesses them and asks him to stand by Preeta side always. She says she have to go now because if Karan comes to know about this then it will hurt Karan and goes from there. Sristy asks why Sammy seems so happy but Sammy goes from there without answering her. Preeta recalls her moments with Karan and thinks why she is still thinking about him. Karan thinks his life was different but because of Preeta everything changed and he will took revenge for that.

Preeta thinks she is doing wrong by thinking about Karan when she is marrying Prithvi. Pandit ji starts the marriage rituals. Preeta feels something different when she puts her hand on Karan’s hand. Karan recalls his moments with Preeta. Karan thinks once this marriage completes then there is no happiness in Preeta’s life.