Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story : Mahira forces Preeta to break her fasting


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Episode begins with Karan insists Preeta to eat but she refuses him. He leaves the room saying angrily that just do what she wants to do, he doesn’t care about it. Mahira says if Preeta thinks she can win Karan’s heart by keeping this fasting then she is wrong and says they both knows why she wants her to eat and tells her to eat without making any excuses. She says today no one going to stop her because elders only told her to feed her and tries to feed her forcefully but Preeta pushes her hand and the plate drops from her hand.

Karan thinks who invented this Karwa chauth where wife has to stay hungry for whole day so husband can have long life and asks himself that what kind of logic is this and says Preeta is not listening him, she is troubling him by refusing food and of course she staying hungry affects him. He says he is not liking this silent Preeta and her health is not good also and he can’t see her like this. He notices Girish talking to someone and crying. He moves towards him and asks what happened. Girish says he was talking to his mother about Preeta and told her to pray for her. Karan assures him saying nothing will happen to Preeta.

Preeta says Mahira wants to break her fasting but can’t do that and says for Mahira it could be game or joke but for her it’s a ritual which she won’t break no matter what and tells her to leave from there. Mahira says how can Preeta think it’s game for her when it’s most important for her because using this only she can prove everyone that she is real wife of Karan not Preeta and says Preeta just need to take one bite of food for that but she is refusing so now she has to do something big and tells her to not blame her in further because she is forcing her to do this.

Sherlyn asks Mahira that did Preeta break her fasting. Mahira says she didn’t but she enjoyed seeing her dull face and condition. Ramona calls Mahira and says they executed just first step of their plan till so they has to execute next steps also to teach lesson to Arora’s. She tells Sherlyn to do something which she agrees to do. Rishab says it would be food poisoning and Doctor would have misunderstood because who would have mix poison in Preeta’s food. Doctor says it’s not food poisoning. Sherlyn acts like fainting and everyone gets worried and runs towards her. Sristy tells Sarla to get ready fast. Sameer calls Sristy and informs her about Preeta’s condition before he tells everything she disconnects the call thanking him for informing her and decides to go to Luthra house alone.

Doctors informs Luthra’s that Preeta and Sherlyn’s symptoms are same and injects her. Sarla calls Sristy. Sristy tells her to not reach Luthra house because they are celebrating Karwa chauth in club house and she is going there. Mahira informs Luthra’s that cat died eating Sarla’s laddu. Kareena tells Doctor to test laddu’s by sending them to lab. Doctor says she will update them once she gets test results. Karan says there won’t be any poison in laddu. Rishab says Sherlyn was fine since morning now suddenly she became ill. She says she ate laddu few hours back only and says Sarla tried to kill her child.

Episode ends.