Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 1st December 2023 Written Update: Suraj catches Ananya


Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 1st December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ananya waiting for Kesar. Ananya sees a shadow in the dark and thinks it’s Kesar. Ananya says to Kesar that Suraj is a really bad guy and she asks Kesar not to fall into Suraj’s trap. Ananya sees that it is not Kesar but Suraj who she spoke to right now.

It is shown Ananya gets a note from under her door. Ananya sees that it is a note from Kesar asking her to meet privately as there are a lot of eyes on her. Ananya decides to tell the truth to Kesar about Suraj.

Ananya tries to escape from Suraj but Suraj catches her hand. Ananya asks Suraj to leave her hand. Suraj asks Ananya to listen to him first.

Ansh comes and thanks Aarthi for helping them. Aarthi asks Ansh not to worry and says she is happy as she get to walk as a model on the ramp. Ansh says to Aarthi that he would like to tell her something. Dhruvi interrupts their conversation.

Kabir comes and congrats Kesar as her diamond exhibition was a success. Kesar comments on Kabir and asks Kabir to leave from here. Kabir closes the door and says he would give up his life for her but he would never sell their friendship for anything. Jugni asks Kabir why couldn’t he tell the truth to Kesar.

Dhruvi asks Ansh what is he doing here as this is girl’s changing room. Ansh says he is saying to Aarthi that he will drop her after she gets changed. Ansh leaves from there. Dhruvi takes the diamonds from Aarthi and reminds Aarthi of her financial status. Dhruvi asks Aarthi not to think Ansh’s pity for her to love and says if she thinks that then she will only have heart break.

Suraj brings Ananya to a hotel. Suraj tries to explain to Ananya that it was just an accident with what happened with Nikita.

Kabir explains to Jugni that he can’t tell the truth to Kesar as if he tells the truth then Macchan’s life will be in danger. Kabir leaves from there. Jugni decides to do something so that the truth will be infront of Kesar.

Suraj tries to explain to Ananya that he is trying to move on in his life. Suraj asks Ananya not to destroy it. Ananya comments on Suraj. Ananya suddenly coughs. Suraj offers water to Ananya. Ananya after drinking the water loses consciousness.

It is shown Suraj gives money to the hotel manager and the waiter in the hotel spikes water with some knock out drug. Suraj apologises to Ananya for behaving like this with her.

The next day, It is show Kesar sees Suraj leaving the house in a hurry, kesar follows Suraj thinking she might be able get her answers. Ambica sees Kesar leaving the house. Ambica follows Kesar. Kesar follows Suraj sneakily. Ambica sees that Kesar is hiding from someone and thinks who it might be.

Kesar sees Suraj has met Lokesh and thinks they know each other. Lokesh apologises to Suraj as he mistook him for his friend Sid and created a drama infront of his fiance. Suraj asks Lokesh not to worry and says Kesar will not believe those kinds of things. Kesar seeing this thinks she misunderstood Suraj.

Episode ends.