Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 20th September 2023 Written Update: Kesar tries to know the truth

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 20th September 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Baa saying to Ambica that if Kesar behaves like this then Kesar will not be able to become anyone’s house daughter in law. Kesar drops something. Kesar apologises to Ambica. Kesar later leaves from there.

Ambica says to Baa that they can also see the good qualities of Kesar. Baa asks Ambica what are they? Ambica reminds Baa how Kesar said the truth even after she knew that she is going to be scolded. Baa makes a comment on Ambica making Kesar her daughter in law. Ambica says to Baa that she will tell the truth to Kesar when the time is right.

Kabir and his gang sell stolen stuff for a low price in the streets. Rajgaur’s children come to the street to buy a few things. Ansh and Ridhi come to Kabir’s stall. Ansh notices that Kabir is selling stolen stuff and asks the other customers not to buy this stuff as these are stolen goods. Kabir makes a comment on Ansh and asks him to leave. Ansh asks Kabir not to behave rudely with him. Kabir laughs at Ansh and sends him away.

Kesar gets to know what happened from Ansh. Kesar decides to teach a lesson to Kabir and his gang.

A goon talks with his boss on the phone and says they are searching for the girl in the whole Surat. The goon says they are looking for the girl who has a Trishul tattoo on her hand.

Kesar runs into the goon. Kesar is shown to have a Trishul tattoo on her hand. The goon drops his phone. Kesar apologises to Goon and gives him his phone.

Kesar sends Ansh to distract Kabir and his gang. Ansh takes a pot and runs away from them without paying a dime. Kabir and his gang go after him.

Kesar takes all of their stuff and throws it in the gutter. Kesar says to Kabir that this is payback for behaving rudely with her brother. Kesar tries to run away from them. Shakuntala stops Kesar.

Shakuntala scolds Kesar for throwing their stuff into the Gutter. Shakuntala asks Kesar who is she and who is her mother? Kesar says it’s Ambica Rajgaur. Shakuntala brings Kesar to Rajgaur’s mansion.

Shakuntala comes to Ambica and comments on Kesar. Shakuntala says Kesar threw their stuff into the Gutter and they suffered a lot of loss due to it. Shakuntala says to Ambica that if Kesar behaves like this then Kesar will never be able to complete Ambica’s Sankalp that she made 12 years ago. Kesar asks Ambica what is Shakuntala talking about? Shakuntala is about to tell the truth to Kesar but Ambica warns Shakuntala indirectly to not slip her tongue. Shakuntala seeing this makes up a reason. Ambica asks Kesar to go upstairs. Kesar goes upstairs but she tries to eavesdrop on Ambica and Shakuntala’s conversation. Shakuntala apologises to Ambica and says to Ambica that she didn’t know that Ambica didn’t tell the truth to Kesar. Ambica sees Kesar and signals her to go inside. Kesar leaves to her room.

Shakuntala asks Ambica compensation for her loss. Ambica gives money to Shakuntala as hush money and sends her away.

Ansh asks Kesar to leave it and says they should play Ludo. Kesar goes into the washroom and turns on the heat water and sits under the tap. Ansh worries about Kesar and asks Kesar to open the door.

Ambica and Baa talk about what happened. Baa suggests Ambica to tell the truth to Kesar before someone else tells it to her. Ansh comes to Ambica and says about Kesar.

Ambica bangs on the washroom door. Parin breaks the door. Ambica brings Kesar out of the washroom.

Ambica asks Kesar why is she doing this? Kesar says she wants to know the truth. Ambica says to Kesar she will tell the truth tomorrow. Kesar agrees. Kesar anxiously waits to know the truth.

Episode ends.

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