Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti hoti hai 3rd December 2023 Written Update: Ananya meets Kesar


Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti hoti hai 3rd December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ambica telling the story of Krishna and Sudhama’s friendship to Darshan. Kesar asks Ambica how can they find out if a friend is true to them or not. Ambica asks Kesar to think about putting in his friends shoes and if she will react the same way in her friends shoes then that person is a true friend. Ambica says to Kesar that a true friend will never leave her when she is in trouble.

Aarthi recalls Dhruvi’s words. Ansh brings a bouquet of flowers to Aarthi. Aarthi thanks Ansh for the flowers. Aarthi says she has class and leaves from there without talking to Ansh while Ansh tries to talk Aarthi. Ansh notices that Aarthi is avoiding her and thinks someone said something to Aarthi. Ansh thinks only Dhruvi’s knows about his love for Aarthi and thinks she might have said something to Aarthi.

Leela asks Manoj to take this hot milk to Ambica. Manoj agrees. Kesar thinks about Kabir and walks absent minded. Kesar runs into Manoj. Kabir sees Kesar in danger so he protects her. The hot milk falls over Kabir’s back and gets his back burnt.

Kesar thinks what kind of a friend would save their friend from hot boiling milk. Ambica sees that Kabir has his back burnt and applies medicine to Kabir.

Kabir says to Ambica that he has some important work and leaves from there. Kesar sees Kabir leaving in a hurry so she decides to follow him.

Ansh comes and questions Dhruvi what did she say to Aarthi as Aarthi is behaving strangely from when she talked to Aarthi. Dhruvi says to Ansh that she didn’t say anything. Ansh comments on Dhruvi saying she and Hetal couldn’t see the people beside her happy. Ansh realises he really slipped his tongue and apologises to Dhruvi for speaking like that. Hetal says it’s not his fault as it was their past that made him speak like this.

Kabir comes to meet Macchan in the hospital. Kesar sees Macchan in the bed and thinks what’s going on. Kabir goes on some work. Kesar comes and asks Jugni if this is the reason that Kabir kidnapped her. Kesar asks Jugni to tell the whole truth. Jugni explains to Kesar what really happened and says Kabir was only trying to save her. Jugni also says Queen offered rs 50 Lakhs for Macchan’s treatment but for that they need to kidnap Kesar but Kabir’s plan was to take the money and save her that’s why he was with her saving her from Queen’s men. Kesar after hearing about thinks she really misunderstood Kabir.

Ansh meet Aarthi in the market and invites her for a coffee. Aarthi sees Dhruvi and avoids Ansh.

Kesar recalls what happened and walks absent minded in the market. Ananya regains consciousness and meet Kesar in the market. Ananya runs into Kesar and calls Kesar but she doesn’t respond.

Episode ends .