Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti hoti hai 8th December 2023 Written Update: Suraj and Kesar’s marriage date gets fixed.


Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti hoti hai 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ambica and Kesar praying to God in the temple. Ambica and Kesar take Aarthi of God. The pandit asks Ambica to put Tika to Kesar and says this is Suhaag’s Tika. Ambica says to Kesar that she can’t put this Tika as she is a widow. Kesar reminds Ambica that she is a mother and nothing is more auspicious to her than having Shuuag’s Tika with her hand. Ambica hearing this puts Suhaag’s Tika to Kesar.

Ambica asks Pandit to fix a date for Suraj and Kesar’s marriage. The Pandit says that after 14 days there is an auspicious date.

Kabir calls Kesar and says to Kesar that he came to the temple and asks Kesar where is she. Kesar couldn’t talk to Kabir due to the network issue.

Hetal dreams of Kesar and Ambica putting her aside after Dhruvi’s marriage. Hetal later comes out of her dream and thinks what would happen if what Shakuntala said came true. Shakuntala comes and says to Hetal that it will definitely come true and assures Hetal that she will fight for Hetal’s right. Shakuntala says to Hetal that she doesn’t need her support and ask Shakuntala to leave. Shakuntala agrees and leaves from there.

Kabir comes to Kesar and says to Kesar that Suraj isn’t the right guy for her. Kabir reveals the truth to Kesar but Kesar thinks Kabir is making up lies as he loves her and she doesn’t believe him. Kabir later comes out of his dream. Kabir thinks he needs to tell the truth to Kesar no matter what.

Suraj sees Kabir has met Kesar to reveal the truth. Kabir tries to tell the truth to Kesar but Suraj comes and interrupts Kabir from revealing the truth. Ambica comes and gives Prashad to Kabir and Suraj. Kabir says he will take his leave. Ambica has trouble walking as her leg is an all red. Suraj carries Ambica in his arms and helps her get in the car. Suraj later leaves from there.

Suraj brings Ambica into the house carrying her into the house. The Rajgaur family worries about Ambica seeing her carried by Suraj. Kesar says that Ambica has walked temple steps barefoot so her legs are all red. Ambica later tells all of the Rajgaur family members that Suraj and Kesar’s marriage got fixed and it’s after 14 days. Everyone congratulates Kesar and Suraj.

Kabir recalls what happened and thinks he has to tell the truth to Kesar no matter what.

Ridhi and Dhruvi think of whose team are they going to be for the marriage. Ansh is busy chatting with Aarthi. Ridhi takes the phone from Ansh and tries to see who is he chatting with but she drops the phone. Jinal sees this.

Kesar hopes that she will be a daughter in law juts like Ambica wished for. Kesar dreams Kabir saying to Kesar that he wants to tell a truth to her.

Episode ends.