Lag Ja Gale 27th February 2023 Written Update: Shiv gives an unprofessional tag to Ishani


Lag Ja Gale 27th February 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Ishani informs Shiv that she needs money for groceries and raw materials. She is only asking for advance not full payment. Shiv goes to give cheque. Ishani requests for cash. Shiv gives cash and reminds Ishani to deliver the food by 6 pm sharp. Ishani agrees and gears up to leave after thanking Shiv. She stumbles and falls. Shiv catches the cash and falls on her. They share a moment. Ishani gets Puja’s call and informs her that she is coming soon. She takes cash from Shiv and leaves.

Bhupen assigns a task to someone over phone. He grows determined to bring destruction for Ishani. Puja and Suresh do the preparations of dish and communicates with Ishani. Ishani picks the grocery and raw materials. She tells Puja that she is tensed. Puja asks her to not be stressed as everything will be managed. Ishani takes a auto. The driver hides his face while driving. Ishani gets into an argument with him as he takes the wrong route. Ishani asks him to stop the auto. He starts driving recklessly.

Few other men get into the auto and capture Ishani. They tie her mouth and hands. They bring Ishani to a godown. Puja, Suresh keep waiting for Ishani. Ishani beats those men and gears up to escape. The auto driver catches her and throws her on the ground. He turns out to be none other than Sumit. Ishani gets shocked. The other men capture Ishani again. Puja keeps calling Ishani. Sumit gets Bhupen’s call and informs him that his work is done. Shiv checks all arrangements before the guests’ arrival. Randeep informs Shiv that Ishani is not picking up the calls.

Shiv says it’s con of working with unprofessional people. Chef suggests to prepare the dish at their hotel to get saved from last minute embarrassment. Shiv agrees. Randeep says no as he believes Ishani won’t compromise with her commitments and deliver the food in time. Shiv gets irked. Bhupen arrives at the go down. Ishani sees him. Bhupen says that he didn’t let Ishani succeed in her mission. He says that he won’t let her earn a penny. He pushes Ishani and says that Bhupen never forget to take his revenge. He says that he is loving the helpless Ishani. He asks her to look into his eyes and says that he will not spare her.

He goes to take a call and asks Sumit to keep an eye on Ishani. Shiv calls Bhupen and gives him responsibilities of guests’ security. He asks Bhupen to arrive at hotel soon as he will be waiting for him. Bhupen says that he is coming. Bhupen leaves after giving all the responsibilities to Sumit. Sumit asks him to stay stress free. Puja and Suresh worry for Ishani seeing the delay.

Ishani decides to not give up. She fights back and tries to escape from the godown. Shiv visits Sulochana food stall and questions Puja for Ishani’s irresponsible behaviour. Puja informs him everything. She says that Ishani must be in some problem. Shiv says that he doesn’t want to know anything he just wants the dish on time. He gears up to leave. The episode ends.

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