Lag Ja Gale Upcoming Story: Will Shiv be able to rescue Ishani?

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Zee TV’s recently launched show Lag Ja Gale stars Namik Paul and Tanisha Mehta in lead roles. The show tells about the journey of a self made young Punjabi hotelier Shiv Dhooper and a hard-working Maharashtrian girl, Ishani Kulkarni. Currently the show is gearing up for more drama.

In the previous episode, Shiv overhears Puja’s conversation with Ishani over the phone and learns that Ishani has been kidnapped. He becomes restless as he recalls Ani’s kidnapping from his childhood.

Shiv makes it to the factory. He calls Ishani and looks for her. Randeep calls Puja and discovers that Ishani has been abducted. He is aware that Shiv has gone to her rescue. It is concealed from Kiran.

He informs Puja that he will communicate with the commissioner. Kiran inquires if Randeep is concealing something from her. Randeep denies the request, and says Shiv has left to attend a crucial meeting.

Puja and Suraj decide to begin preparing food. None is willing to rent them ingredients. Neeti arrives to assist them while Rachna attends her audition. Shiv pursues Sumit’s vehicle and attempts to catch him.

Puja leaves cooking. She informs Suraj that she cannot complete the task and discusses about Ishani. She is concerned for Ishani. Suraj believes that Ishani will definitely return soon.

He claims that without Ishani and Puja, the stall cannot be saved. He encourages Puja to continue cooking. Puja agrees. She begins cooking once more. Shiv cannot find Sumit’s car and wonders where he can locate Ishani.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Lag Ja Gale on Zee TV/Zee 5 app and this space.

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