Main Hoon Aparajita 25th March 2023 Written Update: Mohini tries to make Chavi her pawn in her plan

Main Hoon Aparajita 25th March 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Aparajita consulting the doctor by showing the medicine bottle to him and asking the doctor if this is the medicine that Dadi got injected with. The doctor says it might be possible and says he will send this medicine for some tests. The doctor leaves from there. Aparajita thinks that after the test results come out she can make Mohini spill out why she tried to kill Dadi. Aparajita thinks before the test results come out she has to make Mohini tell the truth on her own.

Mohini talks with Manish on the phone and asks him to prepare divorce papers. Mohini says she will make Aparajita sign the divorce papers. Manish agrees. Mohini overhears Chavi worrying about her exams. Mohini thinks God is helping her.

Mohini while walking falls on the floor because of Aparajita. Mohini sees that the garbage from the dust bin has spilled on the floor and there are a lot of medicine bottles and injections in it. Mohini tries to clean it up before anyone sees it. Aparajita comes and taunts Mohini about the medicines on the floor and asks Mohini why she has these many medicine bottles and injections in her dustbin. Mohini says she doesn’t know. Aparajita shows the medicine bottle and says this might be the medicine that Dadi got injected with. Aparajita says she will go and call Akshay. Mohini says there is no need. Aparajita after taunting Mohini leaves from there. Mohini thinks Aparajita might have found her medicine bottles in the plant pot and decides to check it out but she sees Asha and Disha in the kitchen. Mohini sees the plant pot and thinks nobody has touched it and thinks Aparajita might be playing a game to make her spill the truth.

Arjun feels bored by playing himself. Arjun invites Disha to play a game with him but she doesn’t as she has to prepare for her exams. Arjun challenges Disha for a chess game. Disha accepts the challenge and plays a game with Arjun. Disha checkmates Arjun in the game. Arjun tries to cheat Disha but Disha catches Arjun cheating and argues with him. Disha tries to take the pawn from Arjun’s hand and they both have a romantic moment. Nia comes to check on Dadi and interrupts their romantic moment. Nia comes to Dadi and asks Dadi how is she? Arjun tries to make Disha and Nia talk to each other but it fails as they just argue with each other.

Mohini sees Akshay feeding Nia and thinks she will start her plan from here. Mohini while combing Nia’s hair asks Nia to concentrate on her studies if not she will not fail like Chavi. Akshay hearing about this gets surprised. Mohini talks to Akshay about it. Aparajita tells Chavi and Asha to concentrate on her studies. Akshay decides to go and talk to Chavi about it.

Akshay comes to Aparajita and asks Asha and Chavi how are their studies going. Aparajita asks Akshay why is he asking about that now. Akshay says casually. Aparajita says Asha and Disha get good marks in the exams. Akshay asks Aparajita about Chavi. Aparajita says Chavi tries really hard to get good marks. Aparajita and Akshay talk about Chavi failing all the time. Chavi leaves from there.

Chavi talks with someone on the phone worrying about her exams. Mohini thinks her plan worked. Mohini comes to Chavi and acts as she is worried about Chavi. Mohini says to Chavi that Manish has a lot of contact with many universities and in one of the universities she can pass the exams by attending it online. Mohini says she just has to make Aparajita sign on some forums. Chavi leaves from there. Mohini thinks her plan worked.

At the dining table when Mohini sees Syringe on her plate. Mohini gets shocked. Mohini asks Aparajita why is there a syringe in her plate. Aparajita asks Mohini if she doesn’t see trending tells and says people will drink the soup with the syringe. Aparajita asks Mohini to try it but she doesn’t. Aparajita asks Mohini why can’t she do that and asks if she has any past with injections.

Episode ends.

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