Main Hoon Aparajita 29th March 2023 Written Update: Aparajita and Akshay sit in the Santhi puja as a couple


Main Hoon Aparajita 29th March 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Chavi telling Asha which kind of tea Kalpana likes. They prepare tea. Asha asks if she knows about Kalpana before. Disha comes there and acts like Kalpana and scolds their dressing sense funnily. Arjun smiles seeing it. Shubh asks if they are making fun of his mom? He throws everything in the kitchen and he is about to hold the hot vessel. Disha stops him. Shubh shouts for his mom. He leaves.

Kalpana tells Akshay that it’s good if they arrange grah Santhi puja at home. Shubh comes there in tears and complains to his mother about Disha. Disha says he is overreacting. Chavi and Asha say it’s not a mistake of Disha and she just saved Shubh from getting burned. Kalpana doesn’t believe them and shouts Aparajita’s name in anger. Aparajita massages Amma’s feet in her room. She hears Kalpana call and comes to the hall. She asks Kalpana what happened. Mohini says your daughter slapped Shubh. Aparajita says her daughter won’t do it.

Kalpana asks Aparajita to not talk. She asks Akshay to punish his daughter. Shubh says he is not lying. Kalpana asks Shubh to decide the punishment. Shubh asks her to apologise while doing the frog jump. Disha refuses. Akshay asks Disha to apologise. Disha says it’s a waste to expect anything from him. Aparajita asks her to apologize. Disha says she didn’t beat him. She apologizes in tears and leaves. Kalpana says she got insulted and says they will leave and goes to her room. Aparajita decides to talk to Kalpana.

Akshay goes to meet Kalpana. He requests her to not leave. Kalpana asks Akshay to send Aparajita and her daughters from the house. Akshay says he can’t get separated from his daughters anymore and asks her to ask another thing. Kalpana says fine, let’s arrange Grih Santhi puja today and demand him to keep Disha away from the puja. Akshay says he can’t stop his daughter from attending the puja. Aparajita comes there and says she won’t attend the puja along with Disha. She leaves. Mohini sees everything and thinks Aparajita told me that she will expose me before Navratri ends but now Aparajita will leave the house.

At puja, Akshay thinks puja will be incomplete without his daughters. He waits for Chavi and Asha. Aparajita asks Chavi and Asha to attend the puja. Disha eats spicy Pani puri. She asks the vendor to increase the spice. Arjun goes there and tells Disha about puja at home and says Aparajita won’t attend puja without you. He sends Disha’s photo to Aparajita and messages he will bring her. Aparajita comes to puja and tells Akshay and his daughters that Arjun will bring Disha. Akshay asks Aparajita to stay in the puja and says he will make Kalpana agree to Disha’s participation in the puja.

Pandit praises Aparajita. He says to Aparajita ‘puja will cure Amma’. Mohini and Akshay are about to sit for the puja. Pandit says Aparajita has to sit in the puja as she is Akshay’s legal wife and this puja is important so Aparajita has to do it. Kalpana asks Mohini to let Aparajita do the puja for Amma’s well-being. Chavi and Akshay ask Aparajita to sit. Aparajita sits in the puja with Akshay. Pandit asks Aparajita to wear her mangal sutra.

Episode ends.

Precap – Aparajita wears her mangal sutra without caring about Mohini’s threats.

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