Maitree Upcoming Story: Maitree to execute Ashish’s plan

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Zee TV new show Maitree serial is witnessing some major turning points where Sona reveals Ashish’s plan backfires.
As reported earlier, In the morning Ashish gives a surprise to Maitree as he made a board of Maitree Company with the Tiwari address.

Maitree feels happy seeing this. Maitree asks Ashish if he convinced Sona for this. Ashish says no. Ashish says he has a surprise for Sona.

Sona after coming out of the house throws the board on the floor and says this is the true place of that board. Sona makes a comment on Maitree. Maitree asks Sona she helped her last time why couldn’t she help her now? Sona says she helped her last time because she wanted to beat Vasundhara Rathore.

Sona says she doesn’t care what happens with her. Kusum and Om try to convince Sona to allow Maitree to put the board here. Sona doesn’t agree and puts forth a condition that if she wants to put this board here then she has to change the name of her company from Sadhana Events to Tiwari Events. Sona leaves from there.

In the upcoming episodes viewers will witness Ashish will try to convince Maitree to agree to Sona’s condition and change the name of her company to Tiwari events from Sadhana Events. Maitree says she can’t compromise with her principles. Ashish says then she should compromise with Vasundhara Rathore.

Sona sees Maitree packing Nandish’s bag. Sona asks Maitree where is she taking Nandish? Maitree says she is only left this choice.

Will Maitree be able to get the funds?

Will Sona change her decision for Nandish?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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